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Welcome to Founders Era! Set in the 10th Century in the year 994, this era celebrates the early founding days of Hogwarts and Durmstrang, as well as the stories of witches and wizards from other parts of the globe. Jump in to one of the roleplaying regions available below, or keep scrolling to browse all of the latest news from the era to learn more about what is going on in the world.

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[Founders Era] Hogwarts Bulletin #F5 ★ 1 January, 993

January 2nd, 2016, 1:32 am

Hogwarts Bulletin

Bulletin #F5 ▲ 1 January, 993

The following bulletin is read aloud at the morning and evening meals,
and is also duplicated with a spell and hung around various locations in the school for literate students.

Important Advisories

The winter weather has been mild thus far but conditions can change quickly. In fact, Toothless Balthilde, a nearby seer, had warned of a possible snow storm. She is old and toothless though, so she could be wrong. Take extra precautions to prepare for a storm if you feel like it.

Attention to all students and travelers:

We have received word that a fairly large group of people are making their way toward the school. If you are out hunting or adventuring, please keep an eye out for these travelers as they may be lost and could probably use some help finding the school.


All Hail our Soverign King!

All Hail the King of the English,
our lord Æthelred the Unræd!

Æthelred the Unready!

Æthelred the uncounselled and unlettered!

May his reign be short,
and may his head be soon severed
by the Viking hordes he so willingly
lets in to plunder our shores!

Contributions to this bulletin were made by Izzy and Purple.

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