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[Reformation Era] Fashion & Style Workers, Writers, & Icons

September 25th, 2015, 12:47 pm

Calling All Style-Savvy Witches & Wizards!
Looking for fellow players? Reply to this thread to meet others and brainstorm plot ideas!
This Call to Arms will close on November 20.

Post Here If...
  • Your character works for Gladrags, Bonheur Couture, Alexander Honeycutt Atelier, or Di Pietro Fashion House in Reformation Era (1999)
  • Your character works for Witch Weekly magazine in Reformation Era (1999)
  • Your character is a known fashion or style icon in Reformation Era (1999)
  • Your character is looking to break into the fashion industry in Reformation Era (1999)

Some thread ideas include...
  • Preparing designs for Magical Fashion Week at the end of October (Read More!)
  • Conducting an interview during or before Magical Fashion Week
  • Spying on other fashion houses to see what they are preparing
  • Browsing store fronts to see what is in season
  • Shopping around for new and interesting fabrics (at Nile Textiles & Weavery, maybe?)

Include in your post...
  • Some basic information about your character
  • Any ways you might be able to interact with the characters who posted above yours
  • Some thread ideas for others who might be responding
  • Types of characters you are looking for to RP with who also meet these requirements.

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Re: [Reformation Era] Fashion & Style Workers, Writers, & Icons

September 26th, 2015, 12:09 am


I have Michelle here who works in Milan for Di Pietro. She also worked for Gladrags up until this past January (wherein her first act of destructive behavior after a break up was to quit her job).

Also also her aunts were fashion models :) I'm really looking to roleplay with other designers, seamstresses, and journalists! Any fans of Di Pietro's work are welcome as well. I really love exploring fashions and techniques in the magical world through threads that revolve around Michelle at work or at least working on something relating to fashion.

Let's have fun!
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Donatella La Fratta

Re: [Reformation Era] Fashion & Style Workers, Writers, & Icons

September 27th, 2015, 11:40 am

Tossing Donatella into the mix! She and her twin, Fiorenza, enjoy a reasonable degree of fame in the magical fashion world from their previous modelling careers. Both went into modelling almost right after graduating from Beauxbatons, only slowly retiring from the runway about 3 or 4 years ago (as of Reformation Era). In spring 1996, Donatella also appeared on the cover of a monthly-published magazine called the Restricted Section, which is the magical equivalent of what we know as the Playboy magazine. Since then, Dona has became the more obscure and low-key of the La Fratta twins, having moved to the UK to attend the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She would be on familiar terms with many older presences in the fashion world - designers, seamstresses, journalists, PR people etc. but might be less acquainted with newcomers who sprouted up since her retirement. She does occasionally pick up a photoshoot or a campaign here and there, but she does increasingly require to be convinced before she agrees.

I'd love to have her meet any fans. Another idea would be if a designer tries to persuade her to return as the face of a designer house or a particular product. She also still regularly shops new collections every fashion season, so there's really plenty of RP opportunities!!

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Re: [Reformation Era] Fashion & Style Workers, Writers, & Icons

November 18th, 2015, 12:26 pm

I could toss in Signe I guess. She is a actress not sure where she would do.That is she stage actress I am not sure where she fit in that.I am not sure where she fit in that.

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