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[Founders Era] Scandinavian Residents & Travelers

September 11th, 2015, 8:09 pm

Calling All Scandinavian Residents & Travelers!
Looking for fellow players? Reply to this thread to meet others and brainstorm plot ideas!
This Call to Arms will close on October 2.

Post Here If...
  • Your character lives in the Scandinavia region in Founders Era (992)
  • Your character is a traveler or can access the Scandinavia region in Founders Era (992)

Some thread ideas include...
  • A meeting to discuss threats to the community surrounding the Durmstrang Lodge
  • Travelers offering to trade goods or services with the Scandinavian people
  • News of the Kingdom of Alba and beyond might entice Scandinavians to go exploring
  • An outsider learning the ways of Scandinavian witches and wizards
  • Preparing for the coming winter and its frigid climate

Include in your post...
  • Some basic information about your character
  • Any ways you might be able to interact with the characters who posted above yours
  • Some thread ideas for others who might be responding
  • Types of characters you are looking for to RP with who also meet these requirements.

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Re: [Founders Era] Scandinavian Residents & Travelers

September 14th, 2015, 9:46 pm

Well somebody's got to get this ship rowing. But seriously, Founders is a most excellent era that can be tons of fun.

Of my two Founders characters, Mearc-Stapa ("Borderlands-Walker") would be most likely to travel about Scandinavia. Xe is a genderless metamorphmagus pirate, of illiterate peasant stock. However, don't let that fool you or your character. Mearc-Stapa is a very skilled and calculating wizard, but if you dig deep enough you will find that there is a surprising amount of humanity in this misfit character.

Potential thread ideas (or come up with your own!):
-Your character knows MS is a pirate, and is dealing in some sort of business or trade with ey. Your character could be in the black market, or they could be undercover, hoping to find more about MS to bring this pirate to justice.

-If they are trying to gain information about MS, bring up religion, vice&virtue. This is a time when everyone is expected to be Christian. You'll soon find that not even pirates are exempt, though the perspective might be unusual.

-Your character doesn't know MS is a pirate. They meet in a tavern, get to discussion and.....?

-Your character gets kidnapped. My my your character would sell for a pretty penny on the slave market. Or is it information MS needs? How does your character react when their life is in danger?
The one who lives most happily on land does not know this:
How I, wretched and sad, dwelt a winter
on the ice-cold sea on the paths of exile,
deprived of dear kinsmen.
There I heard nothing but the roar of the sea.

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Re: [Founders Era] Scandinavian Residents & Travelers

September 28th, 2015, 9:17 am

Eolf is a 500 year old Nosferatu vampire at this moment. He wanders through Europe in search of his older brother Sexred, in the hopes he has also been turned. He was a fisherman, and lost his new bride and four children to the vampire attack that cost him his humanity. Since then, he has special hatred for all vampires, and also for all mortals. Hobbies include murder and worshipping his gods.

Eolf's major interactions with people are:

- Murdering them
- Failing to murder them
- Plotting to murder vampires
- Discussing with vampires

Eolf can easily meet MS in a tavern or something, because he makes the effort to chat up his victims when he feels like it.

I'd love to kill a victim if you have a char to get rid of!

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Re: [Founders Era] Scandinavian Residents & Travelers

October 17th, 2015, 2:49 pm

This Call to Arms is now closed!

Thank you for your participation!

If you are still interested in the theme of this posting,
please feel free to private message any of the players who responded to coordinate privately.

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