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[Founders Era] Unknowing Witches & Wizards

March 17th, 2016, 10:49 am

Calling All Founders Era Unknowing Witches & Wzards!
Looking for fellow players? Reply to this thread to meet others and brainstorm plot ideas!
This Call to Arms will close on April 7.

Post Here If...
  • Your character is magical, but does not know or understand their abilities in Founders Era (993)
  • Your character does not know anything about magic in Founders Era (993)
  • Your character may have heard rumors about magic, but does not believe it exists in Founders Era (993)

Some thread ideas include...
  • A surprising sign of magic from a character who believes they do not posses the ability
  • Non-magical characters being amazed or afraid of the ability of others
  • A magical character seeking more information on their abilities
  • A quest to locate Hogwarts, which is thought to be a rumor since it is so well hidden
  • Someone without magic believing that they have the ability and trying to cast spells

Include in your post...
  • Some basic information about your character
  • Any ways you might be able to interact with the characters who posted above yours
  • Some thread ideas for others who might be responding
  • Types of characters you are looking for to RP with who also meet these requirements.

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Re: [Founders Era] Unknowing Witches & Wizards

March 31st, 2016, 3:33 pm

Cateline here is magical and currently unaware of it!

She is currently in the Kingdom of Alba, where she has come to seek out new allies for her duchy that she rules over. Back home people were afraid of magic, so she is very hesitant to use it in Alba, and is also worried that people might try to take advantage of her, but she wants to learn more about what is wrong with her so that she can try to harness her powers and use them for good.

I would be very interested in either doing threads where someone does try to take advantage of her skill, or maybe even sees that she is magic if she slips up and uses a spell in front of someone. Or possibly have her meeting up with someone else who doesn't know about magic so that they can learn together.

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Re: [Founders Era] Unknowing Witches & Wizards

March 31st, 2016, 8:20 pm

Guthmarr is a late bloomer. He has been exiled by his magical family for not having magic, and he is also unaware of his abilities. He reads rune stones, however, and has recently landed in England with the intent of claiming some parcel of English land and claiming it as his own.

But intentions are not always realized, are they?

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