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[Golden Era] Cleaners/Maid Service - 3 Positions

March 16th, 2016, 4:01 pm

The fine witches and wizards at Scourgify! Cleaners are looking to add to their regular staff line up with three cleaning positions available to be filled. No experience is required, you simply must be able to learn several simple cleaning spells or be willing to deal with the appropriate potions and enchanted objects to do the work by hand, if you are not skilled with magic.

Employees are welcome to make their own hours and schedules. We are currently hiring in the United Kingdom and Western Europe and are also looking for cleaners willing to work with high-profile clients along the Mediterranean.

This position is for characters ages 17+ who are no longer in school and can lead to further positions in the Hospitality field.

To apply for this position, fill out the form below and post it as a response to this thread:

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[b]Current Age:[/b]
[b]School Attended:[/b]
[b]Graduation Year:[/b]


[b]Skill Certifications, if any:[/b]

[b]Previous Employment, If Any:[/b]

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