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[Legacy Era] Quidditch Referee Trainee - 3 Positions

October 19th, 2015, 12:13 pm

The International Quidditch Association is seeking Quidditch enthusiasts or former players who may be interested in becoming a fully certified Quidditch Referee. You must have intimate knowledge of the sport and the Official International Quidditch Association Rulebook, be able to pass a basic physical and color blindness test, and sign a bludgeoning waver. After six to nine months of entry level pay, training, and assistant referee-ing, you may be eligible to take the certification exam to become an Official Referee. This is a great position for former professional players, as well.

Qualified applicants must be 17+ and not currently attending school. Non-wizard applicants may be considered if able to exhibit an in depth knowledge of the sport and the various rules. As this is an International group, trainees can be located anywhere in the world and will complete the majority of their training in their home country or the location of their choice.

This position is for characters ages 17+ who are no longer in school and can lead to further positions in the Sports field, including managing Quidditch teams or working in the international leagues for Quidditch, Broom Racing, Carpet Racing, and more.

To apply for this position, fill out the form below and post it as a response to this thread:

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[b]Current Age:[/b]
[b]School Attended:[/b]
[b]Graduation Year:[/b]


[b]Skill Certifications, if any:[/b]

[b]Previous Employment, If Any:[/b]

[b]Location where you would most like to be employed:[/b]

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