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Oct. 14 — News Submission Schedule Changes

October 14th, 2015, 7:07 pm

The current News Stand submission schedule has been altered to reflect the publications that were recently missed according to the existing schedule. While the forum itself, the calendar, and the News Stand submission guide will be updated as soon as possible, the following submission dates are now in effect:

    Ends Oct. 19 – Golden Era The Niffler (B)
    Ends Oct. 20 – Founders Era Hogwarts Bulletin (A)
    Ends Oct. 21 – Legacy Era Wizarding Wireless (C)
    Ends Oct. 26 – Reformation Era Wizarding World Today (B)
    Ends Oct. 27 – Founders Era Durmstrang Bulletin (A)
    Ends Oct. 28 – Marauder Era Quidditch Star Monthly (C)
    Ends Nov. 2 – Legacy Era Daily Prophet (B)
    Ends Nov. 3 – Founders Era Hogwarts Bulletin (A)
    Ends Nov. 4 – Golden Era Teen Witch (C)

Future dates will be added and updated soon! :)

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