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Sept. 15 — Character Creation Has Reopened!

September 15th, 2015, 5:21 pm

Character Creation Has Returned!

While we apologize for the delay in getting things ready, the Vault 713 staff team is pleased to announce that character creation is once again open and all players, both new and returning, are welcome to make characters once again!

Very little has changed this time around, but we did want to hit on a few key things before we got started. Most importantly, we ask for your patience in getting new characters sorted, as we know that there will likely be an influx of characters all at once that will need to be readied for play. This is also our first time opening character creation now that we have OOC Accounts added to the mix, so some things may take some time to be sorted out and there may be some technical issues. This is okay, and we will try to address any problems that might crop up as quickly as possible. The most important thing is to use the Help Desk for any questions you may have, and consider reading other recent questions to make sure that someone hasn't already asked the same question as you.

All character creation forums can be found in the Create a Character section.
    You can find this section right here, in the "Character Creation & Options" category. This section now includes a forum for reactivating old characters, a workshop for unfinished characters, a place to list wanted characters, and both character creation forums.

The character sheet template has changed!
    If you have been working on a character already, please be sure to read through the character sheet template carefully to make sure that your character is up to date. Character sheets that are incomplete based on the new template will not be sorted, and will need to be edited before you are able to play.

Players who filled out the August 2015 Check-In already have an OOC Account, and do not need a new one.
    If you are unsure of the name on your OOC Account, please view this list to locate your account.

Players who filled out the August 2015 Check-In can reactivate characters until September 30.
    Any characters that were inadvertently left off your check-in list can be transferred by visiting the Reactivation Forum. Likewise, any retired characters you wish to bring back to activity can be reactivated this way as well. Players who did not fill out the check-in will need to re-create their characters as normal.

Existing players with characters active after July 1, 2015 who did not fill out the check-in will be able to transfer their Quills and Completed Stories after three months of activity.
    Due to the process involved in transferring account information and the current backlog of information that still needs to be transferred from the archived site, we will only begin transferring completed story and quill information from re-created characters who remain active for an extended period of time. Information on transferring quills and completed stories will be made available as the need arises.

Questions about character creation may be posted in this thread in addition to the Help Desk.

Happy Roleplaying!

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Re: Sept. 15 — Character Creation Has Reopened!

September 15th, 2015, 5:45 pm

Hooray! :D :D :D
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