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Sept. 2 — Account Changes for 2015

September 2nd, 2015, 11:34 pm

Account Changes for 2015

Our first big news, and perhaps the most important: we have introduced OOC Accounts for all players! All existing players who filled out the Check-In Survey in August 2015 will have already had an OOC Account set up for them with the name that was given to us during the Check-In. A PM has been sent to each account with further information about your character accounts, as well as information on how to change your OOC name if you choose.

All character accounts that were in the Check-In Survey have been transferred over unless they were inactive or unable to be located. Information on which accounts were unable to be transferred has been PMed to your OOC account.

Important Information:
  • If you are unable to log in to any account, please view this guide.

  • Any players who did not fill out the check-in form will need to register an OOC account and will need to re-create those accounts when Character Creation opens on Sunday, September 6.

  • Any players who inadvertently omitted a character to be transferred will be able to do so for a brief period of time beginning on Sunday, September 6. After that point, any characters will need to be re-created.

Posting, Forums, & Communication:
  • Most OOC sections are now restricted to posting only by OOC Accounts. This is simply to streamline the community discussion and to make it easier to get to know your fellow players.

  • Only OOC Accounts are able to send and receive private messages in an effort to streamline conversations and make it easier to keep all messages in one place. Character accounts may receive private messages, but may not send replies.

  • We are aware that there will be a learning curve with locating which forums are OOC accessible and which are accessible with character accounts. We will be monitoring the situation and will make changes as needed and will attempt to provide more obvious indicators of which forums are which if necessary, but we appreciate your patience as we grow used to these changes together.

Browsing Tips:
  • With the new notification system, you can use subscribe to threads on your OOC account and therefor receive alerts for all of your threads in one place if you choose. This way you can log on to the accounts that you need as you need them, and collect all of your information in one place.

  • Most modern browsers offer an "Incognito" or "Private Browsing" feature that does not use the same forum session as your regular tabs. You can usually access this by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard, but this may not be true for all browsers. By using this feature, you can keep a second window open for the Vault and be logged in to your OOC Account in one window and your character account(s) in another window, so you do not need to log in and out to check your notifications and to participate in OOC activities.

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