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Sept. 1 — Known Bugs & Issues

September 1st, 2015, 8:28 am

  • Bug: Links that point to instead of, or vice versa may not share the same session and/or may cause you to be logged out accidentally.

    Temporary Solution: Make sure that all links point to and include the www at all times.

  • Issue: Topic Attributes / Thread Tags (such as [Diagon Alley] or [Europe]) are not currently available, as the code needed for these is still in beta testing and not yet available for use.

    Temporary Solution: Refer to the top of each forum for a guide of attributes/tags you can include manually by typing them into the subject of your post, such as "[Europe & UK] Harry's Grand Adventure"

  • Bug: Menu options may display incorrectly on screen resolutions larger than 1366x768 if the browser is opened to full screen.

    Temporary Solution: Don't use your browser on full screen, or scroll down past the menu so you don't have to see it!

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