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Mar. 20 — Sunday Snitch: First Day of Spring Edition!

March 20th, 2016, 10:06 pm


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Business of the Week: TerrorTours Travel Agency

    With offices located throughout the world, including Diagon Alley, TerrorTours is the premier travel agency in the magical world. TerrorTours offers a wide variety of activities, from ghost tours and hag hunts to stays in vampire inhabited castles and ancient ruins.

    Characters you might find at TerrorTours: Tour Guide, Ticket Seller, Booking Specialist, Adventure Tester

    Threads you might find at TerrorTours:Booking a paranormal trip to New Orleans

Location of the Week: Chicago, Illinois, USA

    A city comparable to the east coast's Big Apple, Chicago is often a crossroads for the west and east coast United States. It has a diverse culture not only in ethnicity, but also in magical ability. The city is home to the Chicago Academy of Wizardry, one of the country's most premier institutes. Magical society has easily integrated with muggle society where visitors and residents alike can find magical establishments among Subway sandwich shops and pharmacies.

    Businesses in Chicago: Magic Neep Grocery (Downtown Chicago), Chicago Academy of Wizardry (Magical Institute)

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  • Happy Birthday to one of our members! We're wishing a very happy day to Laura on March 24! Please join us in giving her some birthday love in the comments below!

  • New jobs have been posted! Is your character looking to change their career path? Or maybe they just NEED a career to begin with. Then come check out the current job listings in the Career Center: Cleaners/Maid Service, Junior Bookmaker, and Border Patrol Officials.

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  • Enemies of the Heir, beware! A special plot option has been added for Golden Era Hogwarts! Those of you with characters who are at Hogwarts during Golden Era can sign up to have your character petrified or attacked while the Heir of Slytherin is on the loose! View the Golden Era Plot Page for more information and a link to the sign up form.

It's spring which means it's allergy season! What kinds of allergies are your characters fighting this week and what's their favorite way to alleviate them?

Leave your response as a reply below! You're also welcome to use the question of the week as inspiration for your threads!

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Re: Mar. 20 — Sunday Snitch: First Day of Spring Edition!

March 21st, 2016, 11:24 am

*searches through character allergies* This is why I don't usually the question of the week.. TOO MANY CHARACTERS XD

So. Jacob Frost has an allergy to mold, which is kind of hard to avoid so he generally does the muggle way of taking a bunch of zyrtec or benodryl.. I can't spell. If he gets really stuffed then he takes some of those nasal sprays and goes to town, completely ignoring the fact that it says you shouldn't spray more than "twice" in a 24 hour period, warning.

Sebastian Murphy AND Vincent O'Shea are both allergic to peanuts. Quite a coincidence. Generally, they just avoid peanuts and peanut flavored things. Though it's not exactly a "spring" type of allergy more like a general avoid this item allergy.

Svyatoslav Romanov is allergic to hydrocodone. But he doesn't know that, he doesn't even know what hydrocodone is. So I think he's good.
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Re: Mar. 20 — Sunday Snitch: First Day of Spring Edition!

March 23rd, 2016, 2:53 pm

Happy Birthday Laura!!!!!!

As for the question of the week...huh...I never much do anything as far as allergies for my characters because I forget about them most of the time. Though I suppose some of my characters might be suffering from the pollen in the air? Stupid flowers causing stuffy noses and water eyes and sneezing. Don't think any of my characters have a way to deal with it outside of just feeling miserable about it and/or trying to ignore it.
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