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Mar. 13 — Sunday Snitch: Oodles of Updates Edition!

March 13th, 2016, 4:55 pm


Stories in Need of Characters

Founders Era

Golden Era

Legacy Era

Weekly Spotlight

Participate in the Weekly Spotlight! Create a thread that takes place at one of our spotlight locations,
and if you complete it within one month of this posting (until April 13, 2016) you will be given extra Quills as a reward.
Just reference the March 13 issue of the Sunday Snitch in the information box when you list the characters in the thread!

Business of the Week: Gringotts Wizarding Bank

    Headquartered in London, Gringotts has banking locations all over the wizarding world and allows customers to make a deposit, exchange money, or perhaps even hold it up in a heist. The banks are all guarded heavily and run by goblins, but individual locations might have different security according to what creatures and styles of magic are available in their area.

    Characters you might find at Gringotts: Bank tellers, security personnel, financial advisers, management

    Threads you might find at Gringotts: Disputing an accidental transaction, applying for a loan, a security breach

Location of the Week: Manchester, England (North West)

    Home to some of England's most beloved muggle football clubs, Manchester represents the second largest metropolitan area in England and has a sizable wizarding population besides. Among witches and wizards, it is known chiefly for its bustling nightlife and clubs that many magical folk enjoy visiting, but it is also home to a very large werewolf pack and several vampires who have ties in the area. It is also known for its historical landmarks and architecture, and many wizarding musicians head to Manchester to help kick off their careers. It is thought to be one of the first places the Weird Sisters played in the days prior to their worldwide fame and renown.

    Businesses in Manchester: Paradox Nightclub (Muggle Establishment)

Upcoming News Publications

Looking to submit to the News Stand? View our new News Stand guide for the schedule & submission form.

This week's guaranteed publications:

Founders Era - Kingdom of Alba Bulletin (Monday - March 14)
Marauder Era - The Daily Prophet (Tuesday - March 15)
Reformation Era - The Daily Prophet (Thursday - March 17)

All submissions for these publications received before the publish date will be printed.
Publications for all other eras will be published as/if they are received.
Submissions for other publications are welcome and will be scheduled for next week or the next available publication day.

General Reminders & Announcements

  • Happy Birthday to two of our members! We're wishing a very happy day to Sarah on March 15 and Mel on March 19! Please join us in giving them some birthday love in the comments below!

  • We recently performed an activity check! Please keep in mind that in order to keep things fair for all players we do periodically send private messages to alert players if their account is bordering on inactive. More information on activity requirements can be found on our Account Types page. If you're looking to give one of your inactive characters a facelift, you may also be interested in this month's Donor Rewards!

  • A special plot option has been added for Golden Era Hogwarts! Those of you with characters who are at Hogwarts during Golden Era can sign up to have your character petrified or attacked while the Heir of Slytherin is on the loose! View the Golden Era Plot Page for more information and a link to the sign up form.

  • All club requests for schools have been filled and announced in The News Stand, following sign-ups at the beginning of the season. Any pending faction changes for adult characters will be announced or addressed in the upcoming news publications this week. Feel free to submit your own news articles, as well, to help us keep this feature going!

Recent Updates & Bug Fixes

Question of the Week

If your character found a pot of gold, what would they do with it?
Return it? Save it? Spend it on something interesting? What would they buy?

Leave your response as a reply below! You're also welcome to use the question of the week as inspiration for your threads!

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Re: Mar. 13 — Sunday Snitch: Oodles of Updates Edition!

March 14th, 2016, 2:46 pm

I love the weekly spotlight feature! I'm going to need to figure out a reason for one of my characters to be in Manchester.

As for the pot of gold:

Keep it and use it to improve their situation: Cassiopeia, Lena and Orrion

Keep it and spend it on a frivolous lifestyle: EJ

Try to return it, save it, or give it away: everyone else

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Active Player

Re: Mar. 13 — Sunday Snitch: Oodles of Updates Edition!

March 14th, 2016, 4:20 pm

Very cool stuff! Excited about my new business! Thanks!

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