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November 19 - And We're Back!
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Jan. 3 — Sunday Snitch: The First One of 2016!

January 3rd, 2016, 9:44 pm


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Seasonal Submissions & Sign-Ups

If you have been looking to Create Your Own Business or have your character join a club or faction, now is the time!

Submissions will be open for this period until January 12 and will not open again until next season.

Please note that this does include becoming a Death Eater, becoming a Prefect, and playing for your House Quidditch team!

General Reminders & Announcements

  • Make sure you haven't missed our latest announcement! Since it's a new year, we've done a new content release with all kinds of new features and some changes that you won't want to miss. If you haven't checked it out already, make sure you do so!

  • Please welcome our new Community Ambassadors! While we will be doing another all-call for Ambassadors later in the season, today we'd like to issue a warm welcome to Jesse, Luke, and Stella who will all be joining the Community Ambassador team. If you need an extra hand with an idea or are looking for someone to post with, please feel free to ask them or our other Community Ambassadors, Damian, Purple, & Vildea!

  • Subforums in fixed timeline roleplaying forums will be added as the season goes on. As with previous seasons, we will be keeping an eye on what areas are the most active and we will be adding subforums accordingly to spread out posts. So if you want to see your favorite area get a larger roleplaying section, make sure you show it lots of love!

  • Please note that beast and being character types should include extra information in the character sheet rather than as extra questions. We want the process of creating beast and being characters to be easy, which is why all players are given the same set of questions except for Founders Era characters. Any extra information requested for new beast and being characters should be included as a part of your answers to the existing questions to make things easier for both you and the staff!

  • Call to Arms, Career Center Listings, Classifieds, and News Stand posts will resume this week. Be sure to get your submissions in, or to make your Career Center or Call to Arms suggestions through the Anonymous Feedback form!

Question of the Week

What is your character's New Year's Resolution?

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Re: Jan. 3 — Sunday Snitch: The First One of 2016!

January 4th, 2016, 9:26 pm

Happy belated birthday to Vil, Maki, and Jig! *throws confetti*

And happy anniversary to all of the people that are up there! It seems around the new year is when a lot of people joined :D

AND congrats to Luke and Jesse (and me) for becoming CA's!!! I know I'm super excited to be apart of it all!
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Re: Jan. 3 — Sunday Snitch: The First One of 2016!

January 5th, 2016, 9:30 am

Welcome to the new community ambassadors!

And happy birthday to Maki and Jig! (And thanks for the belated wishes Stella!) Happy anniversary to those who're celebrating that as well :)

I'm going to go back to work now :P

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Re: Jan. 3 — Sunday Snitch: The First One of 2016!

January 5th, 2016, 12:42 pm

Happy birthday, Vil, Maki and Jig!

Happy Vaultiversaries! How do I even word this word agh

And welcome to the CA team, Luke, Stella and Jesse!

So glad to have the Snitch back! Thanks, staff team, for all the hard work you've just put in! :D
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