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November 19 - And We're Back!
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Jan. 1 — Celebrating 2016 at Vault 713!

January 1st, 2016, 3:09 pm

Happy New Year from Vault 713!

Another year has passed, and 2016 marks a pretty unique one for us: we are now entering our fifteenth year of activity! It's a pretty big milestone, not just because we've managed to occupy our little corner of the internet for fifteen years, but also because it means that Reformation Era has officially hit the year 2000...which means we're just 1 year away in game from reaching the year that the Vault, then known as the Slytherin Dorms, was founded for real. That is nuts.

We're so glad that we have you all here, and even though we say it every year, we're all SO excited that you choose to spend your time with us here at Vault 713 and that you all have made such an impact on our game and community throughout the years. So settle in, get your wands ready, and let's make 2016 our best year yet!

Please note that for the current RP season threads can take place between December 15 and May 30 of each era.

New and Returning Features

Returning Feature: The Resource Library is BACK!Resource Library
    It's been awhile coming and we still have some things left to add and update, but the Resource Library located in the "Resources" tab in the top menu has returned! In the coming weeks we hope to make sure that every category of important links is covered there and we also hope to continue adding new pages for the different aspects of wizarding culture and the wizarding world. Have something you think should be on there? Let us know in the Anonymous Feedback form.
Submission Opening: Club & Faction Sign-Ups are now open through January 13!Club & Faction Information
    Ever wanted your character to work for the Wizengamot? What about being in the Expedition Society even though they already hold another job? From now through January 12 your character can apply to several factions and organizations for adult characters or sign up for a club as a student character, including the Prefect Club and Quidditch Club! This will be the ONLY time we hold these sign ups this season, so get in your applications now...otherwise you will need to wait until our next season in May to sign up for these!
Submission Opening: Business creation is now open through January 13!Character Career Center
    Also running as a part of our quarterly sign-ups for certain special features, if you've ever wanted to create your own in-game business now is your chance! You will need to complete the requirements as outlined when we first announced this a few months ago, so if you have not met the requirements for this sign-up you are welcome to apply for your business when we run the sign-up again in May.
New Feature: Get the party started! Or festival, or battle...Hosting a Special Event
    Players are now invited to make an even bigger mark on the story of Vault 713 by hosting their own special event! You can choose to either rent out our special event forum or to have the staff host your event complete with random event posts to move the story along. Just make sure you read through all of the requirements before you get going!
New Feature: Send your characters on an adventure they'll never forget!Adventurer's Guild
    Running out of ideas for plot points? Need to give an existing character a new lease on life? Or maybe you just want to roleplay with someone new? Visit our new Adventurer's Guild headquarters where you can sign up to be randomly matched with a player (or several players!) and receive a plot point to send you to new and exciting places and stories. As a bonus, you can even earn extra Quills for completing adventures!
New Feature: Account Add-Ons & Name ChangesRoster & Account Update Request
    Want to spice things up a bit and spend some of your extra quills? You can now use the Roster & Account Update form to request to rename your OOC Account if you'd like it to be something a little different, or to add a tagline such as a quote or other text under your avatar on either a character account or your OOC account, such as the one seen here.

Updated Features

Start Spreading the News!The News Stand
  • The News Stand now has a completely new schedule that allows news to come out on a weekly basis
  • Players can now choose to submit to a variety of publications for each era instead of submitting to one at a time
  • Journalists Association characters can now receive rewards and completed stories for submitting to news publications.
  • News bulletins have been posted for every era to provide an update on the current plot.
Challenge Yourself!Challenge Center
  • The Challenge Center is now it's own forum underneath the Community Forums header.
  • A subforum has been added for all ongoing challenges that have no ending date.
  • Dated challenges, including Plot Challenges & RP Bingo (there are five new challenges!) are in the main Challenge Center forum.
  • A Career & Faction Challenges forum has been added for challenges available only to specific types of characters.
  • Though not in the Challenge Center, several new lessons have been added to the Classes & Lessons forum.
Send A Lettter!Owl Post
  • The Owlery has been given subforums to designate which era owls are being sent in.
  • The main section of the Owlery can now be used to send letters to specific groups or businesses.
Show Off Your Skills!Special Abilities & Add-Ons
  • Skill Certifications for Charms and Magical History have been added.
  • Advanced Skill Certifications have now been added for Defensive Magic and Healing.
Discover Something About Your New Character!Create an Original Character
  • You can now choose to have a randomly assigned job given to your character at character creation based on their interests.

Important Information

  • All donor rewards have been sent out for 2015. Donors have also been sent a list of any outstanding rewards that they acquired throughout the year so that they can be claimed at your leisure. We've also added brand new donor rewards for January and 2016!

  • 47 Quills have been given to EVERY member as a result of our December 2015 donations! Thank you to all of our donors who helped us give out such a great Christmas gift to everyone at Vault 713!

  • Call To Arms and Career Center Listings will resume next week. This is so that we have time to get back on our normal schedule for completing these tasks rather than throwing them all out at once. Keep an eye on these forums for new posts!

  • The Founders Era plot page has been updated to reflect that both realism and fiction are welcome. We took a survey among our Founders Era players recently and learned that many players were interested in adding more fiction and fantasy to the setting, so in the coming weeks we plan to work with all of our Founders Era players to try and achieve a hybrid of fiction and realism so that all playing styles can be welcome in the forum. Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey, and we will be posting a discussion with some of the results soon so that all of our Founders Era players can help contribute to what is unarguably our most interesting era with the most room for creativity!

  • Special abilities & skill certifications should properly show in Reformation Era. If this information is NOT showing for your character, please use the Roster Update Request to let us know what needs to be fixed. Please be very specific with your request; we have hundreds of characters here at Vault 713 and it's a lot to keep track of!

  • Achievements and rewards for existing challenges that have been completed should be handed out this week. We wanted to get this done sooner but as there was a technical snag with our achievements, we didn't get to it. Sorry! It's on the list!

  • Some updates may still be performed throughout this weekend and next week. We are aware that some links may be broken or some things may still be missing from the Resource Library, and so on. This is something that we did not wish to hold up our reopening with, however, so we will continue to work on this throughout the next couple of days. If you see something that looks awry or broken, please use the Anonymous Feedback to let us know if it's something on the website, or report the post if it is a guide or sticky inside the forum.

That's it from us! Happy roleplaying and have an awesome 2016!

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Re: Jan. 1 — Celebrating 2016 at Vault 713!

January 2nd, 2016, 8:51 pm

Welcome to the 21st Century Vault 713 (Disregarding the fact that Legacy Era has been a thing because shhhh). So hyped for the new clubs/factions, been waiting a long time for those. Happy New Years everyone! :D

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Re: Jan. 1 — Celebrating 2016 at Vault 713!

January 2nd, 2016, 9:02 pm

There's so many things I'm excited about! I'm going to have to re-read this a few times so my mind can process it all because I was speed-reading that thing! :P Thanks so much for all the hard work to both Admins and Vaultkeepers and Happy New Years/Godt Nyttår to everyone! :)

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Re: Jan. 1 — Celebrating 2016 at Vault 713!

January 2nd, 2016, 11:30 pm



Thanks for your hard work yet again, you guys! You're amazing! Bonne Année!
Oh no, love! You're not alone
You're watching yourself but you're too unfair
You got your head all tangled up but if I could only
Make you care
Oh no, love! You're not alone
No matter what or who you've been
No matter when or where you've seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I've had my share, I'll help you with the pain
You're not alone

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