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Oct. 21 — Tips & Tricks: Anonymous Feedback

October 21st, 2015, 5:38 pm

Hello, everyone! We decided that it would be a good idea to periodically release some tips and tricks on things that we felt could either use a little more attention, or things that can help enhance your experience roleplaying at the Vault!

Today's focus is on the Anonymous Feedback form, which you can find at any time by visiting http://www.vault713.com/anonymous-feedback. You may already know that you don't need to be anonymous while submitting feedback, but today we thought we'd talk about several different kinds of feedback you can give us that will both help us and help you.

1. Suggestions for how we can improve certain features.
    It never hurts to let us know what you don't like, but it really helps if you let us know how we can fix it or make it better. Knowing that people don't like things is good to an extent, but we want you to enjoy your whole experience at the Vault, so knowing how we can improve can go a long way! We won't be able to address every issue immediately as some will require discussion, but we go over every suggestion and see how we can keep it in mind.

2. Ideas for new additions to the Business Directory.
    Many of our latest additions from this past September 1 came from anonymous feedback suggestions, including Grunnings Drill Company, Scourgify! Cleaners, and the Italian Ministry of Magic. This is especially helpful for pointing out regions that don't have enough businesses or types of businesses that don't exist (such as the cleaning company, since we never had one prior to September 1!) Even more helpful? Pointing out links to threads taking place in that location and/or at a non-existent business so that we can see there is an actual need for it. (You can also suggest new job listings for the Career Center!)

3. Suggestions for new challenges for the Challenge Center.
    This one is pretty straightforward: we'd love to hear what challenges you already love, and what challenges you think would be more interesting, more complex, or would just make things more interesting or fun. We love adding new challenges and we know that several players love having them, but the more suggestions we get, the more likely it is that we will be able to come up with new ones for everyone! (You can also suggest new ideas for Classes & Lessons!)

4. Networking group ideas for Call to Arms.
    Want to find more players from your character's home country? What about looking for others in your industry? Suggest a new Call to Arms theme for us, and it may very well be posted! We try to come up with new ideas each week that will reach as many players as possible, but by knowing what you want to look for, we can make these even more useful.

5. Let us know when something is broken.
    Did you visit a page that doesn't work? Don't just assume it's supposed to be that way, let us know! This helps us identify what's broken much more quickly so we can fix it. Be sure to include links, or even upload a screenshot to imgur.com so we can see what it looks like. We will try to fix the issue as soon as possible, or let you know if it is indeed supposed to be that way.

6. Ask a question.
    Whether you have something you're afraid to ask in the Help Desk, want to know more about how the Vault works in general, or have a question that you'd rather not PM to any specific staff member, you're always welcome to submit them through Anonymous Feedback. We can only answer questions that include an account to PM, but we will try our bet to answer them as quickly as efficiently as possible.

7. Last but not least: let us know what is awesome!
    One thing we seriously lack in the feedback is, well...actual positive feedback! We very rarely hear about features that people like, only the ones they don't like. It is incredibly helpful to hear now and then that you like something we've added, or even that you like that something hasn't changed over the past 15 years. This lets us know what people are most excited about, helps us put in a lot more focus on those features, and really helps us shape the Vault to be a place that you want to be. (Also, it definitely gives us more motivation to keep going.)

We check the Anonymous Feedback submissions roughly once a week, and try to address everything as soon as we can. Some things require a lot more discussion than others, and we typically do not add new things until a major content release, but we are always happy to help improve the Vault as best we can based on your feedback: we just need your feedback to do so! We currently only receive about two feedback submissions per month, and have over 40+ members, so we'd really love hearing more from everyone else, especially about things that you like so that we can make sure we keep doing those things the same way.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or what have you about the feedback system, please feel free to reply to this announcement!

Happy Roleplaying,
The Vault 713 Staff Team

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Re: Oct. 21 — Tips & Tricks: Anonymous Feedback

October 21st, 2015, 5:56 pm

Ooooh, a feature I should use more often! I'm on it, guys!
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