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Oct. 16 — A Couple of Updates

October 16th, 2015, 11:30 pm

Hey Everyone --

I meant to get this posted the other day, but unfortunately this week kind of got out of control before I had time to sit down and write it, so I hope you can all bare with me as we slog through here! :)

I know we've been a little quiet on the updates lately, and I wanted to personally apologize for that on behalf of the staff team. As you all know, we're working with a pretty small crew right now, all of whom have gone through some major life changes in the past few weeks. This happens, it always happens, and we try to update you as best we can. We can't always do this, and sometimes other things get in the way, but we're constantly trying to find ways to do what we can. A large chunk of the time you see staff members online, we're actually accessing via our phones and not from the computer--I think everyone is guilty of roleplaying while they are at work instead of doing actual work things, but we won't tell on anyone. ;)

The biggest thing I wanted to address, however, is where we are now and what we hope to accomplish. As we've mentioned before, there are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that need doing. One of these things, as an example, is hiring new people and building up our Community Ambassador Team.

I want to be very clear about something: we are aware we are short staffed right now. That said, it takes time for us to read over applications, contact prospective staff members, and then train them on how to do everything. The biggest and most prominent reason we haven't hired any new staff members yet? Not having the time to properly train them. This is one reason we set up the Community Ambassador Program, so that we could more slowly acclimate people to the same concepts that staff members are held to and give members an opportunity to step up and help new and existing players where they can.

Last month, we announced that several features would be updated or returning on or around October 1. This included Achievements, New Business Creation & Promotions, Special Faction Sign-Up, and Community Ambassador Applications. This plan has not changed, we simply got thrown off course a little bit due to real life concerns, which was one of the reasons we tried to use the phrase around October 1 as frequently as possible, just in case things cropped up.

This site is meant to be a game, and should be fun for all players and all of our staff. We want to make sure that everyone is having as much fun as possible, but that does mean sometimes that we expect people to have fun with the things available to them even if other things are delayed. If you don't like something, offer a solution for how to fix it. If you feel like a certain feature isn't for you, don't use it. And most of all, if you aren't having fun help us help you.

Now that Admin Alex is more settled in to her new job and Vaultkeeper Izzy is nearly finished with throwing a wedding for a close family member after this weekend (everyone please congratulate both of them if you haven't already!) we are hoping to have these things up by the end of October. We've already begun jumping back into the swing of things with the News Stand schedules being set up, Classifieds being posted once more, and so on. :)

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding where we are or our upcoming plans, we are always more than happy to chat about it, so please feel free to leave us a note.

In the mean time, we will see you in the wizarding world...and hope to be back with our next big update very, very soon!

- Admins Manda & Alex, Vaultkeepers Izzy & Nick

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Re: Oct. 16 — A Couple of Updates

October 17th, 2015, 10:23 am

Congratulations Alex on new job, and Izzy on pulling off a wedding! very nice.

And thank you Manda and team for update on everything.

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Re: Oct. 16 — A Couple of Updates

October 20th, 2015, 6:07 pm

Yay community ambassadors! Apply for it, you guys, I want more of you around!

Great updates, peeps.
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