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[Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 24th, 2015, 10:00 pm


Issue #R1 ★ 24 September, 1999

Magical Fashion Week Preview

With muggle fashion month wrapping up and magical designers working around the clock to catch up to the latest trends for spring, it's almost time for Magical Fashion Week! Or weeks, by this year's schedule: the events in Milan begin on October 22, and the Paris shows begin on October 27, culminating in a very special celebration on Halloween featuring a finale that is sure to be one to remember.

Among this year's designers to watch are fashion week newcomer Alexander Honeycutt, will be bringing in his spring collection from New York to Milan for the sixth year in a row. In spite of his popularity in the states over the past several decades, we aren't sure that his bold, muggle-inspired American designs are catching on in Europe, especially after the very strange collection that is beginning to hit stores for this fall. On the contrary, we're keeping an eye on Di Pietro, who has been making quite the showing this year...though after the scandal with Laconi borrowing his designs, he's really going to have to impress us to remain on top...and find out who the snitch on his staff is.

And of course, over in Paris we're all expecting the best of the best from Bonheur Couture, who are rumored to be previewing a masquerade-themed collection on Halloween ahead of their Spring/Summer show scheduled for the final slot that night. It's sure to put local chain Gladrags, who try as they might cannot seem to compete with the big names coming out of the headquarters of haute couture. Then again, it will be hard to impress the whos-who of the fashion community with a presentation scheduled at an uncomfortable 9:00 am on the second day of the show. It could be worse, we suppose: Thibault has been bumped all the way down to 8:00 am on the 27th this year, almost assuring the nail in the coffin for this outdated house and their designers.

October Horoscopes

Libra, your month is finally here! Now is a good time to make an investment so that you will see it grow. Maybe not with money, but with that relationship you've been unsure of...especially if it is a professional relationship.

Scorpio, you need to be reading your tea leaves this month. We're pretty sure you're going to get some insight into your future, but you have to keep your eyes open!

Sagittarius, be careful who you trust with your secrets this month. You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and you may just discover who is who.

Capricorn, it's time to let loose! That thing you've been worrying about? You're about to finally get some closure, so relax and kick back with your witches brew of choice!

Aquarius, it's normal for your creativity to be in overdrive, but now is not a good time to be experimenting with spells. Play it safe this month, or you could be facing a major accident.

Pisces, things have been pretty crazy for you lately, and they're about to get a lot crazier. Just make sure you aren't still shutting people out because of it. You're going to need a little help, so it's probably a good idea to find someone that you can rely on.
Aries, this month you're bound to be faced with a decision you don't want to make. We know you usually like to take it slow and think things out, but this time you should definitely go with your gut. We think you'll know what to do.

Taurus,this is your month! All signs point to a huge financial boon if you can play your cards right. Just don't blow it all in one place, or it could mean bad things for your current family situation.

Gemini, it's time to change up your routine! You could have the opportunity to pack your suitcases this month, which could lead to even more good things to come...just be sure to pack enough so that you're prepared for anything, you're going to need it!

Cancer, you're going to be on edge a lot this month, we can already tell. Just be sure to count your blessings and stop by the apothecary for some relaxation potions if you need them: you are going to get through this.

Leo, that big choice you need to make? It's finally time to make it! Be sure to surround yourselves with people who support you, too, but if they won't support you, ditch them! You don't need that kind of negativity!

Virgo, whatever you do, stay away from anything with four legs and claws this month. It's hard to say exactly what is in store, but if it has to do with anything furry or scaly, it can't be anything good.

The Prophet Chief Getting Cozy With An Ill-Famed Socialite?
By Sybella Pryer

Who was that young witch throwing back shots and flirting with Evelyn Winters, Editor and Chief of The Daily Prophet? At The Global Media Conference this week the two were spotted cosying up and then leaving together to apparently have some alone time. It has long been speculated by colleagues that Ms Winters had an eye for the ladies, but it was not known that the high society diva, Miss Viola York, was also of this persuasion. What makes this particular tete-a-tete so deliciously intriguing is the fact that The Prophet has recently features articles which has moved the York family from fairly well known in some circles to notorious! One might wonder whether the Prophet has been giving an honest story on the York family... or if it is all a publicity stunt. Doubts are certainly being raised here at Witch Weekly after seeing just how close the two seem to be.

A Little Bird Told Us...

• Word has it that a notable Wimbounre Wasp's Chaser by the name of Noah Fitzralph was seen with his arm slung around no other than his fellow team mate, Beater, Brooklyn Stone. Fitzralph is known to be a bit of a ladies man, having landed himself into a few sticky situations over the years. One would think that hard-headed Stone would be immune to his dazzling smile and suffocating charm, but it seems that even woman like she are unable to resist.

• A reporter who stopped into the Blue Lagoon one evening was shocked to find Mikayla Silverwing, who is rumored to be engaged to one of the men in the infamous Binx family, there. This wouldn't normally be an issue as the nineteen year old works at the nightclub as a waitress, but she was seen to getting quite cozy with one of the patrons of the club, Mark Campbell. Upon asking some of the other patrons, they claim to have even see the pair kiss after Silverwing got off work as well as even leaving together. What does this mean for the former Slytherin female? Is there trouble in paradise, as they say, for Silverwing's beau and her?

• A well-known blue-haired shop owner in Diagon Alley was seen at the end of last month in St Mungo's, taking good care of an impatient man. Witnesses say the pair have often been seen around Diagon Alley. Is love in the air, or is it just my allergies?

Fashion Forward Family

Former fashion models Donatella and Fiorenza La Fratta were interviewed and photographed for the Italian publication Magica Donna's September issue. The twin sisters shared the limelight with their niece, Michelle La Fratta, an emerging seamstress working with Di Pietro. "She may have been born in a different country, but she's definitely got our fashion genes!" Fiorenza chirped happily. The Manchester native and Ravenclaw alumna started her work in Gladrags before working for Laconi and then Di Pietro. While the fashion world was sad to see the La Fratta twins leave modeling, it's safe to say they might want to keep an eye on the next La Fratta to enter the industry.

Contributions to this issue were made by Aidan, Alex, Brods, Damian, Manda, and Stella
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Re: [Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 25th, 2015, 1:26 am

Evelyn Winters had only just arrived to work and sat down, the morning sun streaming into her office when there was a knock at the door.

"Evelyn," Her secretary greeted her, not even bothering to wait for her boss to allow entry. "Before you do anything today, you may want to check out page six of this weeks Witch Weekly." The older woman placed the magazine down on the desk and then retreated. She wasn't scared of her boss, but she didn't want to be in the same room as the woman when she read the magazine. She wasn't stupid nor did she want to lose her job.

She'd been sitting at her own desk, arranging the woman's appointments for the day when there was a loud crash from the door to her right.

"Patricia! Get Witch Weekly's Editor-In-Chief on the floo right now!"

"Right away, Evelyn." She immediately replied, already pitying the person who would be on the receiving on Evelyn Winter's harsh words.
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Orion Stone

Re: [Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 25th, 2015, 3:57 am

Orion wasn't big into reading papers, especially witch weekly articles, but being so bored and stuck doing office work in the gym, well he felt he had no choice but to read the paper that someone had left in the office. Orion read on, looking bored and like he was going to fall asleep at any moment. Fashion, blah, boring, horoscopes, even more boring. At least with fashion there were hot models to look at.

He perked up a little reading Viola York's name, he was sure that was the chick he met at the gym like a year ago and they got a bit more than friendly together. Orion chuckled a little reading the chick had been getting all cozy with another woman. "Hot.." he said, then skipped through to the next article. When he came across the article about his old team mate Noah, and his cousin Brooklyn, he woke right up. "Oh my god!" he shouted out loud and laughed, "no way!" and he had to run out of the office with the article so he could show Brooklyn and laugh at her.

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Re: [Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 25th, 2015, 4:15 am

It was no big deal for Brooklyn to be in any articles, it happened on a regular basis, it came with the job and she didn't care. But when she read the witch weekly issue Orion shown her, she caught the line but it seems that even women like she are unable to resist. She felt pretty darn annoyed. "What the fu.....uugh!" How insulting, how annoying, was all she could think. She screwed the paper up, threw it at Orion's face and told him to bugger off, but in more colorful words. And told him there was nothing going on, the little bird made a mistake.

Before Brooklyn had screwed the paper up, she had noticed the following section which mentioned Mikayla. Oh dear, someone was more than likely going to wind up dead.... Brook thought, and after a brief moment in thought, she shrugged then proceeded onto screwing up the paper and throwing it at Orion.
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Re: [Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 25th, 2015, 4:27 am

I wasn't sure if my post needed a mature tag or not, as there is a small bit of violence, but better to be safe than sorry, so I've added a mature tag
BEFORE YOU READ: This thread contains content that may not be suitable for younger players.

Benirix never bothered with reading the papers, they never had anything interesting in them, simply the same kind of headlines all the time. Plus, he always feared he would read something bad about his family in them and feel crappy about it. Though, when someone at the club places one in front of you as you're working through some paper work, and says you might want to read this, well you have no choice but to read.

When Benirix had read the part about Mikayla kissing some other man, the person who shown Ben the paper probably wished they hadn't, as they ended up getting their head smashed against the bar top... Repeatedly until they fell unconscious. Benirix was usually a calm man, it did take a lot to get a reaction out of him, but when he reads something that says the woman he loves -the same woman he thought loved him back- has kissed someone else, well that was enough for him to react badly.

Ben thought it was best to get his bad reaction out now, before he would confront Mikayla as he didn't want to hurt her, no matter what she's done he doesn't like to raise his hand to a woman... Not unless he's been well and truly proved and had no choice. Calmly, Ben gathered his paper work up and headed into the office to send an owl off to Mikayla to come and meet him, as they needed to talk. His reaction was as if hadn't just attacked one of his employees, he just ignored them, stepped over them and headed into the back.
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Re: [Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 25th, 2015, 11:00 am

When Mikayla walked into work, dressed in her black mini-dress that was her uniform, she was ready to start her day. She was in a good mood as she remembered the date that she had set up between two friends of hers that had been set for sometime this week. Unfortunately for her, she hadn't read Witch Weekly magazine that day and was in for a nasty surprise when she saw Benji's owl soaring to her and another with a copy of the magazine.

Mikayla curiously read the letter first, her face paling slightly when he said that they needed to talk. Knowing that there had to be a connection to the letter and the magazine, she opened Witch Weekly and immediately saw a picture of her and Mark. Her face paled even more, looking like a ghost, as she quickly read the blurb. After reading it, she threw down the magazine, stuffed the letter in her purse, before grabbing her coat. She made an excuse to the person on duty, who must have already read the news and let her go. She quickly walked to the apparation point before heading to the Binx Manor.
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Demii Andrews

Re: [Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 26th, 2015, 5:21 pm

She knew she needed read the news more often, and for a short time Demii even did pay for a subscription to The Daily Prophet, only to watch a stack of untouched newspapers amass in the corner of her tiny room. She didn't have the space for that stuff, and ended up cancelling the subcription after only three months.

Witch Weekly on the other hand... well, that was another story. It was a bit of a guilty pleasure (and you would never hear her admit just how serious she took the horoscopes) but Demii followed the publication religiously and conducted her morning ritual of coffee, makeup, and Sal Spellbinder records that morning under the giddy anticipation of its arrival. So when she heard the beating of wings outside her window she practically leapt to unlatch it and snatch her copy into the flat. With a satisfied smile, humming along with the record, she seated herself at the dining table and began to flip through the pages.

...A few minutes later, she nearly choked on her coffee, spurting a laugh. Oh, this was good. This was so, so good...

It has long been speculated by colleagues... eye for the ladies... Miss Viola York...

She was grinning now as she skimmed the rest of the article, and then she was snickering to herself. Ha. If she ever saw that mean little thing again...

The smile dropped abruptly. She leaned forward and re-read the print in her hands, eyes scrambling for the part that just came to mind before she found it again.

The Prophet has recently featured articles... York Family... notorious...

...That didn't read good. Maybe she should have been reading those papers. Demii pursed her lips and set down her coffee. Was it worth digging up old copies of The Prophet to see what that was all about? She could just ask Ciceron about it when she saw him next. Might not have anything to do with him, and even if it did... were they even close enough for that to be relevant? Forgetting Witch Weekly entirely, Demii thought about it for a long moment, before checking her watch. She worked her mouth in thought. Right. She picked up her coffee and downed the rest of it in one go before making a dash for her coat. If she left now, she'd make it to work early enough to ask around, see if any coworkers kept their recent copies of the paper...

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Re: [Reformation Era] Witch Weekly #R1 ★ September 24, 1999

September 27th, 2015, 3:42 pm

Skimming through a Witch Weekly Dice had found on the floor of the bar he stopped on the article about the La Fratta twins. Really? They did a photo shoot for Magica Donna's recently?! He wold have to get that issue. Those twins were hot! It certainly was a pity when they left the modeling world.

Ah! But what was this? Viola... what?! Huh... well she had been very open to threesomes when they were fooling around. So that made sense... Wait... Evelyn was editor and chief f the Daily Prophet... the one giving Egan's in-laws, and even Egan himself a hard time. Weird she would be on such friendly terms. Was the article right? Was Viola the one feeding information to Evelyn about the family. Hah! Made sense. Viola was a traitorous, unfaithful witch! he should point this out to Egan. He would never see it on his own. And Hera would never think so badly of Viola. Probably sold the paper the information. Sounded like her. Yes he would go to Egan... or to Viola and see if he could black mail her with his realization. Hmm... choices, choices...

Oooo! Horoscopes! Let's see what did it say for Leo.. Leo, that big choice you need to make? It's finally time to make it! Be sure to surround yourselves with people who support you, too, but if they won't support you, ditch them! You don't need that kind of negativity!

Hah! That's right! He didn't need that kind of negativity! That's how he ran his life! Hmmm... which big choice? about Viola? No... Shaking the magazine he said to it, "What big choice?!" He needed to figure this out. Maybe he already made it when he told Wesley about Zara. Or maybe... it was a choice yet to come. Hmm... he would be on the look out over the next week and he would make it!

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