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[Legacy Era] The Niffler #1 ★ 20 August, 2019

August 28th, 2015, 7:24 pm


Issue #1 ★ 20 August, 2019

The Chamber of Secrets Reopened!

Hogwarts historians rejoice! For the first time in 26 years, the Chamber of Secrets will be open! But worry not, it is at the behest of the Ministry of Magic in cooperation with Hogwarts staff, in an effort to bring the past more alive at the school. New school curriculum will include a weekend day trip down to the Chamber as part of the revamped History of Magic class. The Chamber itself has been cleared and cleaned out and the women's restroom in which the Chamber was located has been magically relocated, much to the annoyance of a one ""Moaning"" Myrtle Warren.

In addition, starting this year on a trial basis, students from other Wizarding schools, with signed permission slips from both parents and teachers and at least 3rd year, may visit Hogwarts as part of their History of Magic class starting on January 1st of next year. This is a further attempt to bring the past alive and to foster cooperation between schools. Should this be successful, other schools have considered opening their doors to students from abroad for purposes of cultural exchange, even if it's for the weekend.

So students, make sure you've got your permission slips signed and brush up on your languages, the 2019 school year is sure to be interesting!

School Spotlight

Chicago Academy of Magic

Located in the Windy City, the Chicago Academy of Magic is one of many choices young American witches and wizards and their families have when deciding on a place for magical education. The school is hidden in a skyscraper in the heart of downtown Chicago where students are immersed in muggle culture and society. Due to the close proximity to muggles, all students at CAW are required to take Muggle Studies classes in order to understand the society in which they live and study. As part of the Muggle Studies curriculum, students take weekly trips out into the city, visiting muggle museums, stores, and other muggle establishments.

The Chicago Academy of Magic is divided into an upper and lower school. Students in the lower school, grades six through eight, attend classes in the lower three stories of the building. Lower school students are day students who can utilize the city's magical trolley network to travel to classes from their homes. The much larger upper school, which contains grades nine through twelve, is open to both day students and boarding students. Boarding students live in the top two floors of the building, with classes being held in the four floors immediately below the living quarters. The floors between the upper and lower school classrooms contain two libraries, a cafeteria, and several common areas for students to socialize and study.

News from the Gossip Ghoul

Beauxbatons, France – The newly reformed a cappella club, The Beauxbatones, will be holding auditions the second week of classes. We have heard from official sources that the club will be competing in an international competition in the spring. No doubt this would be a wonderful opportunity to make some new friends and see some sights, if you get our drift…

Blessed Isis Temple, Egypt – Word is several incoming Sixth years attended the Sun Ceremony in July, and failed miserably. The most shocking failure of the Sun Ceremony was that of a rather annoying House of Desert pupil known to be somewhat of a know-it-all. We have to wonder, will her ego be bruised enough to keep her from driving everyone else crazy this year?

Contributions to this issue were made by Silus and Izzy.
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Re: [Legacy Era] The Niffler #1 ★ 20 August, 2019

November 15th, 2015, 12:34 pm

A very tired Auror shuffled his way across the kitchen as he made a bee-line for the muggle coffee pot; a gifthe had received from his father-in-law last Christmas. Good thing too as he seemed to make proper use of it with his late night work shifts and early morning risings that his job at the Ministry demanded of him. Well payed, but terribly overworked, Harry was just grateful to finally have a day off.

He yawned, grabbed a mug from the cabinet, poured some coffee, added some sugar, and straightened out the glasses on his face. Harry shuffled over to the table and plopped down to sit, or slouch, in one of the chairs. Idly he sipped at his coffee, both hands wrapped around his mug, as he stared sleepily at the stack of mail and morning newspapers that had already been delivered. One by one he sorted through the pile finding it composed of mostly of bills, advertising, a couple of fan letters, a copy of The Daily Prophet, and a copy of...the Niffler? Wasn't this a student newspaper? Oh, right...children...he had them...he had three.

There. It was right there on the front page of the Niffler, and it made him spew his coffee EVERYWHERE. Harry sat up straight and pushed his mug to the side as he stared at the headline,' The Chamber of Secrets Reopened!' He seized the newspaper, his eyes quickly scanning over the article. Harry had to read it three times before he could believe what he had read.

"But worry not, it is at the behest of the Ministry of Magic in cooperation with Hogwarts staff, in an effort to bring the past more alive at the school. "

Subconsciously Harry leaned on his elbow and rubbed at his forehead; his fingertips pressed to his scar. Why didn't anyone tell him about this? Why didn't anyone tell him about anything....ever? A cooperative event between the Ministry of Magic and the staff of Hogwarts, reopening the Chamber of Secrets?! He worked for the Ministry of Magic for Merlin Sake! He was Head Auror in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He was the one who closed the chamber when it reopened back in his second year at Hogwarts. He was there! Reliving the past, indeed! Was this a joke?

He couldn't imagine Moaning Myrtle was too happy about this bit of news either, with her favorite toilet being relocated and all.

And of course there was Ginny. Harry wondered if she knew-how she felt about this. Maybe it was about time he did something about reigniting that "spark" his wife was always going on about nowadays. "Hey, Gin?" He called out as he grabbed the newspaper and rose from his seat,"Remember that date I promised you?"

Perhaps this could work in his favor after all...

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