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[Marauder Era] Witch Weekly #M1 ★ 31 July, 1974 ★ Letters to the Editor

August 14th, 2015, 11:58 pm


Issue #M1 ★ 31 July, 1974 ★ Letters to the Editor

How can I lose twenty pounds within two weeks? How can I make my husband happy? How can I make better mashed potatoes? How can I be a better housewife? How can I improve at putting everyone before myself?

Enough! We are tired of this rhetoric! These are the seventies, and for witches also! We are people too, with interests and talents and magical abilities and we don't need to erase ourselves anymore! We don't need our magazines to tell us we should only ever be interested by cake recipes or the newest cleaning potion! We are witches and we are complete human beings and we deserve to be recognised as such!

I am a woman, and I am a witch. I can do great things, I am amazing at whipping up Sleeping Draughts. I am a well-rounded person. I want the magazines I read to reflect this. Get up to speed, Witch Weekly! Witches demand progress! We want to see women achieve, we want to see women with ambition, we want to see them recognised, and it starts among ourselves! Acknowledge us, Witch Weekly!

Until then, we will all boycott Witch Weekly!

Danielle V. from Leatherhead, Surrey.

Dear Witch Weekly editors,



I sure hope we'll get class A coverage about all the players; pictures, interviews, background information, availability checks (if you know what I mean) and did I mention pictures?!

Wow, I really needed to get this off my chest. SO EXCITED EEE!

Best wishes,
Veronica W.

To the Royal Editor,

I don't know which Carnival you were at when you wrote that review, but it certainly wasn't Bucket Bros. "Nothing but cheap tricks and flashy wandwork"? Seriously? We work day and night to make sure our shows are nothing but spectacular. I'd like you to replicate William the Conjuror's Multifaceted Manticore. Can't, can you?

Furthermore, how DARE you call me an "attention-seeking dropout"! I'm sorry I'm not an academic, but I think my 500+ fans A NIGHT are proof enough that what I do is pretty darn amazing. Believe it or not, it takes skill to make a broom fly that way. As for the attention, of course I like it! I'm a circus performer!

Next time Bucket Bros. Traveling Carnival comes to town, I suggest you actually think about the work that's put into our shows before slandering it with your high-and-mighty royal British arrogance.

The Suicidal Dragon
G. Dumont

Contributions to this issue were made by [Damian], [Jelena], and [Purple].
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