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[Founders Era] Hogwarts Bulletin #2 ★ 23 July, 992

August 14th, 2015, 11:56 pm

Hogwarts Bulletin

Bulletin #2 ▲ 23 July 992

The following bulletin is read aloud at the morning and evening meals,
and is also duplicated with a spell and hung around various locations in the school for literate students.

Important News

Warning to the people!

Earlier this month, the fishing town of Fionn was destroyed by a band of ruthless marauders who attacked from the sea. They are comprised of a shape-shifter known only as the "Borderlands-Walker" or "Mearc-Stapa," and a foreign man of no known magical ability. Rumours of a third, young wizard of unknown origin are unconfirmed. Mearc-Stapa is the alleged captain of a pirate vessel known as Worulde-Etere.

The sole survivor, the young Lady of Fionn, daughter of the Lord of Fionn, told of how the entire town was rased to the ground, and of how the shape-shifter Mearc-Stapa was able to single-handedly take down the Lord's entire family in a duel.

Students are warned not to wander by the coast, and to travel in groups of no less than three inland. Teachers are asked to contact the King of Alba immediately following any suspicious activity.


I, Eaga of Hogwarts, encourage a discussion on the treatment of non-magical peoples, the ordinary to our extraordinary. We have a duty to put the ordinary back in their place.

For too long the ordinary have raised themselves up on pedestals of blasphemy, erecting their towers of Babel and sitting in their halls of greed. They seek to become like God, when their true purpose is only one of obedience first to God, and second to His extraordinary creation, we of the wand.

Our purpose is of God’s holy messengers on this middangeard, this middle-earth. We must use our magic to assert our dominance over the ordinary. As God destroys to pave the way to perfection, so must we destroy to pave the way for wizard dominance. We must destroy the towers of the ordinary. We must bring down the fat lords who call themselves mighty, and hunt down the priests who spread lies and wickedness. Of the ordinary peoples, the villein, the serfs, the wives and children, we must spare no mercy. They chase the extraordinary out of their villages, and set our kinsmen and kinswomen alight in their pyres of profanity. The children are bred in ignorance, and will only become more ignorant unless we set their paths straight. They must be made to see the sins of their elders. They must know that the will of the ordinary is not the will of God Almighty. They must know that we are as His angels of death.

Wesaþ ye hāle, mine freondum! My friends, be you all well!

My name is Alric of House Gryffindor, and I seek the advice of my Hogwarts fellows! I wish someday to become a hearpere, a harper, to travel the land and sing tales of great witches and wizards! I have scribed here a piece of my work for your thoughts. Ic þancie þe! I thank you!

Ðā gyt Vortigern Hrōðwynne styrode
ðæt hē swā frēolic feorh forman sīþe
to ðǣre healle durum hyrsta ne bǣre
nū hyt nīþa heard ānyman wolde,
ac hē fræġn ofer eal undearninga,
dēormōd hæleþ, hwā ðā duru hēolde.
'Godric is mīn nama', cweþ hē, 'ic eom Gryffindora lēod.'

Contributions to this bulletin were made by [Purple].
Alric's song is a derivative of "The Battle of Finnsburg," with names changed to reflect the leaders of Hogwarts.

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