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[Marauder Era] [QWC] World Cup Tournament Brackets: Round 1

August 14th, 2015, 11:53 pm


1 July, 1974

QWC Tournament Matches: Round 1

The time has come, and the list of match-ups for the official Quidditch World Cup tournament has begun! With the first games taking place on Saturday, July 13, 1974 all over the globe, the tournament has officially kicked off! Be sure to fill out your brackets and place your bets for which teams will take the win.

(1) Senegal
(32) Wales

(16) New Zealand
(17) Canada

(8) Romania
(25) South Korea

(9) Sweden
(24) Bulgaria

(4) Israel
(29) Mexico

(13) Syria
(20) Yugoslavia

(5) Poland
(28) Belgium

(12) Japan
(21) Malaysia
(2) Argentina
(31) Turkey

(15) Madagascar
(18) Andorra

(7) Guatemala
(26) Zaire

(10) Afghanistan
(23) Portugal

(3) United States
(30) Ghana

(14) Nicarauga
(19) Scotland

(6) Samoa
(27) Uruguay

(11) Mongolia
(22) Brazil

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