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[Reformation Era] The Niffler #2 ★ 9 July, 1999

August 14th, 2015, 11:50 pm


Issue #2 ★ 9 July, 1999

In need of a tutor for summer?

Struggling with Charms? Crying over Potions? If you or someone you know could use some help mastering their coursework, I can help. I am an incoming Seventh Year Ravenclaw seeking to help fellow students brush up on their skills during the summer holiday. On my OWL's I received 4 O's and 5 E's. Rates are negotiable. If interested, contact Blakely Bloodworth via the Owl Post.

Discover New Orleans!

Salem Witches Institute seventh year students are invited to explore the magical and muggle history of New Orleans on a week long trip during Thanksgiving break. Students will partake in guided tours and hands-on learning experiences under the supervision of faculty. Interested students and parents may send an owl to the Headmistress' office to request information and a registration packet.

News from the Gossip Ghoul

Durmstrang Institute, Norway - Rumour has it a certain flannel-loving student with an affinity for model airplanes might be held back a year because he failed most of his classes... Well, T.R, you might want to turn down the flirting and turn up the studying if you don't want to flunk out of Durmstrang! Even if those tutors you got in Runes and Potions are smokin'...

Hogwarts School, Scotland - What was once the power couple of 1998 has now been seen to fall apart. Saviour, Harry Potter, was spotted with newly qualified Quidditch player, Ginevra Weasley, in Diagon Alley. What would be assumed as a romantic reunion turned out to be an explosion of anger. Many witnesses claim that the heated red-head went to pull her wand out on 'The Chosen One' in a moment of rage, though Potter was quick to put a stop to any violence.

The two were friends throughout Hogwarts and fought alongside each other during the Battle of Hogwarts, though they perhaps grew apart when recovering. Despite not being seen together beforehand, there are rumours of a secret romance, only to lead to this apparent public break up. We all know what that means. Harry Potter is up for grabs, ladies!

Ask Harry Potter
In a special graduation issue of The Niffler, a few of our readers sent in questions to The Boy Who Lived.

Dear Harry,

Right, I'll skip all the introductions and get right to the issue here. In our group, we've decided that we need to go on some adventures; we aren't afraid of anything and we're the talk of the school! (Or we will be after we fight giants and befriend the centaurs!) But see, we have this one mate that's super boooring.

They keep saying all this stuff like how they're worried that danger will happen, but that's the fun, right!? What's the point of going on adventures if you don't live a little on edge? I tell you, it's these Ravenclaws.

What should we do? We know that they'll enjoy it if they just gave it a chance!
-Dmitry Atherton
Dear Dmitry,

Don't' be so hard on your friend. Its friends like that you'll want to keep close to you, EXPECIALLY if you plan on going off on adventures . That boring friend may very well save your life one day. They worry because they care.

Having an adventure is acceptable. Putting yourself in a dangerous situation is stupid. Let me provide you with examples.

Sneaking out of your common room in the middle of the night to explore the many hidden corridors, passageways, tunnels and rooms of Hogwarts: Acceptable

Sneaking out of your common room in the middle of the night to explore the forbidden forest because you want to ride bareback on werewolves and giant spiders: Stupid.

Harry Potter

Dear Harry,

I have some friends that believe they have stirred up a bit of an adventure opportunity for us to partake in when we get back to Hogwarts starting our second year this Fall. From learning all about your life and your adventures I have come to the conclusion that adventures are very dangerous, frightening, and regrettable. On the other hand my friends seem determined and I feel that they will probably be worse off if I don't join them since they say I am the brains of the group. What would you advise? Go along with them and hope for the best? Avoid them at All costs? Or report them to their heads of house.

Avery Griffin, Ravenclaw
Dear Avery,

The truth is often misleading in books and in verbal story telling. I think my 'adventures' were not your typical adventures most students find themselves in. Regardless, I think it's good idea to put your books down every once in a while and throw caution to the wind. Sometimes we get too caught up in thinking what is and what is not appropriate and forget to follow our heart. You don't need my advice to answer this question. As a cleaver Ravenclaw I'm sure you already know the answer. What does your instinct tell you?

P.S. Tell your friend that I was serious about riding giant spiders bareback in the forbidden forest... it's a terrible idea.

Harry Potter

Dear Mister P,

How much easier is it for someone famous like you to get all the girls (and/or guys)? Like seriously, you must be drowning in it. Share any tips?

T. Reznik
Dear T. Reznik,

Uh...I'll be honest with you... I'm probably not the best person to answer this question. The majority of my days are spent hunting down dark witches and wizards and therefore very little time is spent in pursuing...romantic interests. It's a lot harder for someone like me to find someone who isn't just interested in my fame, money, or looking for the opportunity to chop off my hair in my sleep and sell it in Knockturn Alley. If you have a certain someone in mind, just take the time to get to know her (or him).

If you do happen to fall in love with someone, and they love you in return...don't make the same mistake I did...don't take their love for granted.


Mister P.

Graduating Class of 1999
A huge congratulations to the following seventh years. Go out and make an impression on the world!

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
  • Amandine Ackland
Durmstrang Institute
  • Eline Valquist

Hogwarts School
    • Lucas Alexander

    • Bianca Bloodworth
    • James Wright
    • Rhea Ferguson
    • Ryker Slade
    • Kipp Anderson
    • Vivienne Lane

    • Alice O’Sullivan
    • Destiny Carmichael
    • Horatio Cassel
    • Nellyn Liu
    • Quincy Haines
    • Tobias Chaplin
    • Ulyssa Faust

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