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Welcome to Reformation Era! Set in the year 2001, this era tells the story of what happens after the Second Wizarding War. Jump in to one of the roleplaying regions available below, or keep scrolling to browse all of the latest news from the era to learn more about what is going on in the world.

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[R] Daily Prophet #R3 ★ 17 March, 2016

March 19th, 2016, 12:33 pm


Issue #R3 ★ 17 March, 2000

Kidnappers Still At Large

Two months after a group of masked persons kidnapped a group of Chicago Academy of Wizardry students (including a British citizen) from New Orleans, the perpetrators are still at large. The Ministry of Magic has been working closely with the US Bureau of Magic in the investigation. The Daily Prophet has learned that one of those responsible for the kidnapping is believed to be a British female between the ages of 20 to 40, and that she may have returned to the United Kingdom.

Dragon Expert Making Waves in Professional Circles

Fresh off the heels of opening her own dragon supply business, word has it that socialite Hera Cleary has also been accepted into the Wizarding Expedition Society thanks to her work in the field. As different countries look in to passing laws to make dragon breeding more legal and the sale of their biproducts more accessible, it seems that Mrs. Cleary is doing her part to keep ahead of the environmental aspects of the dragon market.


Akrisios Alexandros, owner of Alexandros Flora & Fauna, who are lately known for their supplying wolfsbane and other key ingredients to the United Kingdom, passed away earlier this month. He is survived by his sister, several sons and grandsons, many nieces and nephews, and a single great-grandson. The company is currently under the supervision of his sister, Isidora Metaxas.

Contributions to this issue were made by Izzy, Nick, and the Vault Staff.
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