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[R] The Niffler #R3 ★ 10 March, 2000

March 12th, 2016, 6:50 pm


Issue #R3 ★ 10 March, 2000

News & Letters to the Editor

Hogwarts Wooden Bridge Reopens

The wooden bridge that leads from the clock tower courtyard to the school grounds has reopened after a year-long rebuilding effort. The new incarnation of the beloved bridge looks just as derelict and unsteady as its predecessor, but that is all just aesthetics. The bridge is back and stronger than ever. Many students may recall that the original bridge was destroyed during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Can we stop walking on eggshells now?

Dear CAW Administration,

It has been two months since a certain group of students was kidnapped on the school trip. Its been over a month since we've all been back in school, and I am tired of feeling like I have to change my habits to accommodate a few students. I mean seriously, some of them freak out every time a door opens. Or the bell rings. Or someone says their name. Really. Its getting old. This is my senior year and I'd like to enjoy what is left of it. Look, I get that being kidnapped sucks, and that someone died (RIP), but that is not my problem and I should not have to feel like I need to walk on eggshells every time one of them is around me. If they can't handle being back in the general population, maybe they should all just stay in a padded room all day. Make it sound proof too. Someone's screaming is keeping me up at night.


Someone Not Afraid of Their Own Name

Hogwarts Club Announcements

Quidditch Club - Spring practice will resume on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week. New and returning members to the Quidditch Club include Jeremey Knight and Reed Wintersprout of Hufflepuff, as well as Blakely Bloodworth for Ravenclaw.

Dueling Club - Members are reminded to wear protective gear for practice each Wednesday evening. Welcome to new member Jeremey Knight.

Newspaper Club - Meetings will be held each Monday in the charms classroom. New members to the Newspaper Club include Nellyn Liu and Veronica O'Shea

Prefect Club - Prefects are reminded to check in with their head of house for patrol schedules after receiving their class schedule New and returning prefects include Kirsa Fitzroy and Reed Wintersprout for Hufflepuff, and Ashton McCartney for Gryffindor[/b].

Chicago Academy of Wizardry Club Announcements

Quidditch Club - Students are reminded to avoid carrying brooms and equipment off campus into non-magic areas. Practices will take place Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Welcome Jaime del Bosque to the Quidditch Club.

Drama Club - Auditions for the spring musical to take place on March 28. Must have sufficient grades to participate. Welcome to new members Emil Hargreaves and Coral Jenkins.

Muggle Culture Club - This month's field trip will be to the Field Museum, and ticket prices must be paid upfront. Welcome to new members Beatrice Jacobs, Iona Burset, and Coral Jenkins.

Newspaper Club - Meetings to be held every Wednesday. Welcome to new member Emil Hargreaves.

Romanian Spellcasters Institute Club Announcements

Fencing Club - Meetings will continue to be held weekly on Wednesdays. For additional private lessons, please consult Professor Serbani. Welcome to new members Mihai Petrescu, Ramona Vaduva, and Rodica Nemescu.

Mahoutokoro Club Announcements

Quidditch Club - Practices to be held daily. Welcome to new member Maddi Davies.

Contributions to this issue were made by the Vault Staff and one anonymous member.
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Re: [Reformation Era] The Niffler #R3 ★ 10 March, 2000

March 14th, 2016, 12:44 am

Beatrice had been sitting in cafeteria eating lunch when she opened up the Niffler. She read the letter to the school's administrators, surely written by some pathetic excuse of a human being, and immediately lost her appetite. She put the paper down on the table and excused herself from the group she had been sitting with and walked her full tray to the nearest set of trashcans. She could feel the eyes of her schoolmates on her as she walked. It seemed everyone had read the paper too. She kept her eyes focused on her goal, and emptied her tray before doing her best to remain calm as she walked out the doors. The moment she was out, she began to cry.
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Re: [Reformation Era] The Niffler #R3 ★ 10 March, 2000

March 14th, 2016, 12:52 am

Jaime wasn't much of a student newspaper reader, but Bea's reaction to reading whatever was in this one got him curious. After she was gone, he opened up the paper and scanned through it, trying to pinpoint what might have upset her. It wasn't hard to figure out. He sighed heavily as he stood up and took what remained of his lunch and threw it away. Then, holding the Niffler in one hand and his wand in the other, he proceed to set fire to the newspaper. He held out and watched it burn before throwing it in the garbage.

"Whoever wrote this belongs in the trash too," he called out to the students around him, most of whom seemed to be shocked by his actions.
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