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[Marauder Era] Quidditch Star Monthly #1 ★ 19 June, 1974

August 14th, 2015, 11:36 pm


Issue #1 ★ 18 June, 1974

World Cup Preview:
1974 Tournament First Looks
It's a very special time of year, and here at Quidditch Star Monthly we could not be more excited at the exclusive news we have to bring you in this issue. We've partnered with the International Quidditch Association to make sure you've heard it here first: where will it be? Who will be playing?

First things first, this year's tournament is at an exclusive location in Botswana! With Semifinals taking place on August 2, 1974, portkeys will vary in price depending on where you will be porting in from and how close to the stadium you plan on arriving, with the cheapest ports in beginning at just 5 Galleons. We hear there will be camping unlike any other this year, so be sure you make your reservations early. Earlier rounds will be played at several locations around the globe that will be publicized prior to the start of the tournament.

And now for the news you've really been waiting for, who will be playing in this year's tournament? You heard it here first, folks! With brackets set to be released any day now to see who will be playing who, we already have the list of which teams will be up for the cup, and they are...

New Zealand
South Korea
United States

Let's hear it for all 32 teams in what is sure to be a fantastic tournament!

Tournament Coverage

Norway vs. Senegal: Swept Away

In a rather dramatic turn of events, after what had been a dreadfully boring game until then, several members of the Nordic team were swept away after their Captain and Chaser Kjartansson disappeared with the Quaffle in the mist that appeared rather suddenly on the Pitch. When the mist eventually lifted, viewers were alarmed to see that not only was Kjartansson missing, but so were Mikaelsen, their Beater and Holm, their Seeker.

So far no trace of them have been found and it's speculated that it might be a few months until we see them again. This wouldn't bode well for the Nordic team who were playing a lackluster game against Senegal as it was and we cannot imagine that the lack of members will make it remotely more interesting.

The final score of the match was 20-70, with Senegal taking the win.

The Idlewind Threat
Kent Brightly
Correspondent, Quidditch Star Monthly

Royston Idlewind newest rules and regulations are a shame to the sport of Quidditch and a shame to the International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee! The ban of wands at matches is a backwards one and takes away the spirit of the game as well.

It's no surprise that there's been a lack of people watching the games so far leading up to the tournament, after all, the atmosphere that people know and love is gone! If this doesn't force the ICWQC to replace him with someone more suited to the task, I don't know what will! After all the ICWQC cannot be pleased with the number of tickets that they have been selling.

I for one look forward to his resignation and/or dismissal and cannot wait for the matches to return to their former glory.

Letters to the Editor

Get Me Out of This Haze!

Yet another Cup has begun and as proud as I am that my country is hosting this affair. I cannot help but feel that the purple haze that's been hanging around the camp-sites and on the stadiums of the games leading up to the tournament is less than appropriate for this kind of event.

Surely people floating in the sky chattering about diamonds and munching on sweet leafs and going on about how the white rabbit will help them is not the kind of atmosphere we want!

I cannot help but feel that the ICWQC should crack down on this behavior for the tournament and force the Cup and it's attendants to quit cold turkey. At least at an event such as this.

Worried Quidditch Fan.

Editor's Note: While not a bad idea, we're not certain how people will react with the current ban on wands for tournament games. What do you think, readers? Would you be in favor of this sort of regulation?

Contributions to this issue were made by [Manda], [Vildea] and one anonymous member.
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