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[Reformation Era] Wizarding World Today #1 ★ 2 June, 1999

August 14th, 2015, 11:33 pm


Issue #1 ★ 2 June, 1999

Society Gathering Coming to Washington
Starting July 5, the Wizarding Expedition Society will convene at the Annie Jump Cannon Conference Center for a week's worth of presentations showcasing new discoveries and refined ideas that its members have been working on all year long. Some highlights this year include an Educators Day which is open to all professors and assistant professors from magical institutions and a Public Exhibition.

The conference is open to those who have purchased tickets which are on sale now. Proceeds go to continuing the research the Society provides the magical world.

Runespoor Ready to Strike Again?

It has been months since the magical citizens of the United States have heard a peep from the Runespoor Rebellion. A staunch critic of the Revealing Party and the continued blurred lines between the magical and muggle world within the country, the organization is known for their extreme methods in protesting such legislation and anyone associated with the Revealing party. While many Americans have breathed a sigh of relief and are ready to move on with their lives, some are unhappy with how the Secretary's Office has brushed the group under the rug.

"I don't want to be visiting some national landmark when a bomb suddenly goes off!" exclaims Peter Boyle, a father of three from Lansing, Michigan. "The government needs to take them out so we'll know for sure we're safe."

The Secretary's Office could not be reached for comment, leaving the public wondering if the Revealing Party is too concerned with the upcoming general election next year.

International News Coverage

Paris, France - The current race for French Minister of Magic was narrowed down to 3 candidates yesterday when it was announced that Basile Ackland had succumbed to an illness yet to be announced. The popular politician left behind a wife and four children, who told our reporter they were "devastated and heart-broken, but wouldn't let this tragedy tear us apart."

Amandine Ackland, the only daughter and a recent Beauxbatons graduate, just picked up a secretary position in the French Ministry, but wouldn't comment on whether it was to follow in her father's footsteps. Whilst a tragedy to the family, it must certainly come as a pleasant surprise to the runner-ups. Henri Caberné, most recently having placed second behind Ackland in polls, wasn't up for an interview but mentioned he found the death "surprising, as Ackland had appeared to be in perfect health."

Bucharest, Romania The Owl Post Headquarters in Bucharest, Romania has always operated smoothly, up until a few weeks ago. Parcels have been going missing, causing disruptions worldwide. Questions have been asked as to whether the Postal Service is being targeted, or whether this stems from something internal within the Romanian branch?

Business & Finance

Trade Summit Looking to Shake-Up Worldwide Imports & Exports Regulations

With the quarterly summit of the International Magical Trading Standards Body on the horizon, all eyes are on Eastern Europe as tensions rise with the variety of changes to creature biproduct regulations set to be proposed. If approved during the summit, economists believe that the United States could be seeing drastic drops in many commodities that are frequently imported from overseas. Proposed regulations include a lift on many of the dragon biproduct restrictions out of Romania, a ban on several varieties of Greek wand wood, and the legalization of international transport for six bird species out of Albania, along with twenty-seven other proposals being brought forth from nations across the globe. Our own United States representatives are hoping to lobby for more strict border inspection for all imports and better customs support for exports to the United Kingdom.

Sports Coverage

Heidelberg, Germany - As the Quidditch season is coming to a close, the Heidelberg Harriers of Germany find themselves short on one of their players. Loanne Parker, Beater, took a Bludger to the chest in their last match, initiated by none other than former teammate Carlos Garcia of the Fitchburg Fitches. Parker was admitted into Golden Wing Hospice and at the time of publication, it was not decided if she will be playing the upcoming final matches or not.

Contributions to this issue were made by [Jelena], [Laura] and three anonymous members.
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