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November 19 - And We're Back!
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Welcome to Legacy Era! Set in 2021, the world is facing a new host of problems as nonmagical technology makes the separation of the Magical World more challenging than ever. Jump in to one of the roleplaying regions available below, or keep scrolling to browse all of the latest news from the era to learn more about what is going on in the world.

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[Legacy Era] Teen Witch #1 ★ 8 June, 2019

August 14th, 2015, 11:31 pm


Issue #1 ★ 8 June, 2019

Pointed Hats are BACK!
You heard it here first, the traditional pointed hats still popular in some parts of the world are starting to hit the runways again as this year's fall collections are being debuted from all the best designers following Magical Fashion Week. We used to think pointed hats were a bit of a bore, but this season's chapeaus look as if they're going to be to die for. If you've dug out one of your grandmother's vintage hats, we suggest dressing it up with a couple of enchanted flowers for the summer season, or crisp leaves for the fall.

Hot or Not?

We polled all of our experts to determine what is currently HOT and what is NOT this month in the wizarding world. With summer just around the corner, be sure you're keeping it HOT HOT HOT!


Music: Skyfire Angels

Makeup: Day/Night Enchanted Lip Balm

Fashion: Self-Drying Swimsuits

Catch Phrase: "Hexcellent!"

Celebrity Crush: Johann Krieg, Quidditch Star

Music: Blue Saturday

Makeup: Peruvian Darkness Eyeshadow

Fashion: Chameleon Leggings

Catch Phrase: "That sparks!"

Celebrity Crush: Andrew Dash, Radio Personality

Celebrity Gossip

Why Marcel, WHY?!

After months of rumors, the world famous wizard pop band Frog Prince Kiss, has announced that one of its members is leaving. Marcel Zumwalt, one of the lead vocalists of the group, has left to join the British Professional Gobbstones League. The four remaining members of the group, Harph Nigello, Paddy Lamont, Samuel Haight, and Topher LeClerc released a joint statement expressing their love for their former band mate, and wishing him well in his new career as a professional Gobbstones player. We here at Teen Witch have just one thing to say to Marcel: Gobbstones? Really? That is sooo last century.


Our highly accurate horoscopes are brought to you by resident seer Mystic Madame Smeggle.
Neither Teen Witch nor Madame Smeggle is not responsible for any loss of limb or life or broomsticks.

Aries - Romance is in the air for you this month. Oh, no it was just a cloud. Ah, well perhaps next month.

Taurus - Beware crossing paths with the three-eyed toad this month as only bad luck will come from it.

Gemini - It's time to tackle the spring clean you've been putting off, though be prepared when tackling the junk that's gathered under your bed.

Cancer - Your crush will see you today, they may or may not acknowledge you, so steer clear of the garlic.

Leo - Someone with a name beginning with 'C' will brighten your day.

Virgo - Flying backwards on your broom today will bring you good fortune for the month*.

Libra - Leaving your homework to the last minute will come back to haunt you later. Seriously, the assignment is haunted, ignore it at your peril!

Scorpio - This month is all about reinventing yourself; consider green hair and colour changing nail polish.

Sagittarius - Avoid the colour blue. Oh, green too. Ah, and...yellow too. Basically, do not leave the house for the next four days.

Capricorn - A good friend will seek your advice, but do not give it. Like seriously, do not it! You are aren't you? I warned you.

Aquarius - Check under the sofa, chances are the thing you thought you lost is currently being held captive by the resident dust bunnies. Negotiation tactics will aide you.

Pisces - The cheering charm is your friend today, well, let's face it that's the only way you'll keep your friends around.

Contributions to this issue were made by the Vault 713 staff team.
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