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[Golden Era] The Niffler #1 ★ 14 May, 1992

August 14th, 2015, 11:29 pm


Issue #1 ★ 14 May, 1992

Summer Vacation Is Coming!

It's that time of year again, and everyone is getting ready to get out and explore! For those of you not looking to take up summer jobs or spend the summer studying, we've made this year's list of the hottest vacation destinations for young witches and wizards. TerrorTours also has special student passes for those of you age 15 and up, so be sure to send them an owl!

5. San Francisco, United States - This one seems to make our list every year due to its thriving magical community and openness, but also because it is the end point for the annual American Cross-Country Broomstick Endurance Race that kicks off in Carova, North Carolina at sunset on the Summer Solstice, which falls on June 21 this year. Get there ahead of the race to celebrate at the finish line, and all summer long!

4. Lake Hillier, Australia - For those of you who prefer a more relaxed, nature-oriented summer vacation, the Wizarding Expedition Society is running several junior expedition trips to this famously pink lake in Australia, which is a source of all manner of magical artifacts and energies. As a bonus, you'll have some awesome stories about Australian magical wildlife encounters to bring back to school in the fall.

3. Trollheim, Norway - We all know that our friends up at Durmstrang take their studies seriously, but Norwegian graduates, much like their muggle counterparts, really know how to party once school is finished! Up in Trollheim you'll find the biggest nonstop party as Norwegian witches and wizards partake in their trollruss to celebrate finishing school, and it's one that you do not want to miss. The only reason we didn't rank it higher? It's largely a Norwegian tradition and is very far north, so those might be a deterrent for some of you.

2. Bangkok, Thailand - Rising in popularity over the past few years, this has become quite the destination for those who prefer to experience city life for the summer, and for those who enjoy muggle watching and exploring muggle culture. There are a number of magical hostels in Bangkok specifically for students, and you'll even find a few summer study programs to earn extra credit for the coming school year! As a bonus, the magical club scene in Bangkok is incredible for those of you who will be of age upon your arrival.

1. Camp Wandsworth, Canada - One of our favorites year after year, students under the age of 18 can spend anywhere from one week to the whole summer at everyone's favorite magical summer camp tucked away in Manitoba, Canada. Don't worry about the distance, your school should have information on how to obtain a portkey to attend. Older students are even encouraged to seek jobs as Counselors or Junior Counselors for the summer!

News from the Gossip Ghoul

Durmstrang Institute, Norway - A certain Slövak with a weird fondness for hockey has been spotted giving flowers to a Czech girl in his year. The student, whom we won't name, but who's initials are D.R, isn't really the type of fourth year to just randomly give bouquets to girls, so, what gives? Are we soon going to be witnessing the reunion of Czechoslovakia in our school?

Hogwarts School, Scotland - A little birdy of mine has been keeping an eye on what's going on down in the deep dungeons of Hogwarts - and apparently this valentines, detention is the best place to find your one true luuurve. It seems that sparks have been flying in Snape's classroom between Gryffindors Coby Maren and Grace Rose, when Rose offered to help Maren clean out his cauldrons during detention. Now we all know and love Coby - he's outgoing, and friendly - so we better hope he doesn't get burned by little Miss Rose. Watch out, Maren! She's fiery!

Hogwarts School, Scotland - I know, I know, you shouldn't trust all the rumours that you hear, especially if they involve people hooking up, but when one of these people is Heathen Skelter, well, it's probably spot on. So, everyone's favourite (or not) Slytherin heartthrob has been spotted making out with a Ravenclaw Quidditch player, whose name I won't disclose, because, come on, honey, you made out with Heathen Skelter, you don't need to bring any more shame upon yourself. I'd congratulate the couple, but knowing Skelter, that was over as soon as it ended. Tough luck, tall blond Ravenclaw, your ship has sailed. And what a weird ship it was...

Romanian Spellcasters Institute, Romania - Everyone saw spoiled brat Anastasia Katoracov's invitations to her birthday party a few weekends ago, but did you know that almost no one showed up? Apparently no matter how nice she thinks she is, money can't buy real friends. Maybe she'll learn that by the time she's older, but for now it's already bad enough that so many younger students think they run the school. News flash: you aren't seventh years, and won't be for awhile!

Letters to the Editor

Dear Niffler Readers,
I wondered what your opinion was on the House system at Hogwarts? At the beginning of this year my brother became the first ever Slytherin in my family, and we were all very shocked since it is his Gryffindor qualities that have always prevailed. He is daring and confident, and arrogance has always been one of his fatal flaws.

I might add that I myself am a Gryffindor, and while I have always been relatively happy with my house, I sometimes wonder whether I would fit in better in Ravenclaw. Do you think it's unfair that students are sorted into permanent groups at the age of 11? After all, everybody's personality changes at least slightly as they get older.

~Sincerely, Anon

Editor: Do you have opinions for Anon? Reply to this issue to let us know what you think!

Important School News

  • Hogwarts - Students are reminded that the third floor corridor is still off limits, and will remain so for the rest of the school year. Any students found in the area will be given detention.

  • Hogwarts - The last Hogsmeade Weekend for this term will be on May 23.

  • Salem Witches Institute - Please remember that the Gardening Club will not be meeting during upcoming exams, but will be hosting it's annual Garden Party on June 12 after exams are concluded.

  • Romanian Spellcasters Institute - Seventh year students are reminded that independent study presentations must be ready by Parents Day, which will be held on May 30 this term. Younger students should speak with their academic and extracurricular advisers to assure that they will be prepared for this event as well.

Contributions to this issue were made by [Manda] and four anonymous members.
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