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[Reformation Era] Ministry Turning a Blind Eye When it Come to Wealthy Elite?

August 14th, 2015, 11:27 pm

Ministry Turning a Blind Eye When it Come to Wealthy Elite?

By Kit Harper
Daily Prophet Staff Writer

A Few Months ago Oxford locals, and indeed much of the wizarding world in England, were shaken by the tragic yet mysterious deaths of not two, not three, but FOUR members of the high class family known as the Yorks. A tragedy to be sure! How had such a thing happened?

At this point one would think the details would be clear. It was understandable that there needed to be an investigation first, that the family would want some privacy, that this would take some time. And yet, over two months later, we know less now than we did then.

An "accident" it was called. Something vague about dueling for sport, or was it some sort of magical entertainment malfunction? Ah but who really has time to look into these things? After all this is one of the wealthy elite. They have said the matter is closed and so it is closed. This is how our system works does it not? Four high profile family members, all male, to die suddenly in one night. But if they tell us to sweep it under the rug then sweep we shall.

I am sure at this point some of my reader are shaking their heads. Because this is NOT how our system is suppose to work. But the Ministry has been curiously quite on the matter. Never mind that it was a large family gathering, and yet none who attended can give a strait answer as to what happened. Never mind that large inheritances were doled out to younger members of the family with these deaths. Never mind that despite the families golden reputation alleged crime bosses from the notorious Cleary family were present. Never mind that the Ministry's silence on the matter of investigating the matter is almost deafening.

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