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[Reformation Era] Magical Hobbyist R3 ★ 4 December 1999

December 4th, 2015, 6:55 pm

Magical Hobbyist Magazine

Issue #R3 ★ 4 December 1999

An Open Letter to Willem de Cloet
Ravenna Balog

The Wizarding Expedition Society is currently dealing with an unprecedented scandal after a failed expedition in Vietnam. The expedition, led by the 24-year-old Augustus Verhoeven of Antwerp, fell under a Jiang Shi vampire attack in the middle of the night. The victims were Sasha Litinova, 36, from Moscow; David Janssen, 44, from Detroit, Michigan; Simone Laurenti, 32, from Bari, and Jelena Gutierrez, 38, from Dresden.

It's ironic that the only survivor is the youngest member of the expedition. What happened? Why, after knowing the resumes of the other four (one of whom was an expert in the Vietnam region), was an inexperienced child placed as a lead? Why, then, did it take almost a week for their families and loved ones to be notified of their deaths? We need answers and we need them now.

Your organization is quickly unraveling, Mr. de Cloet, as you try to revive it. You need to protect the expert explorers you have, not jeopardize them by bringing in faces right out of school. It is a disgrace to our community and to the Society's tradition. The other branches such as Herbology and Folklore are thriving, but the Expedition field is suffering from your love of discretion when it comes to the younger generations applying to the WES.

Now the Society is nothing but a bureaucratic mess. Apologize to the people whom you've hurt.

Because you're just as responsible for these deaths as if you'd sent the vampires yourself.

Contributions to this issue were made by Alex.
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Re: [Reformation Era] Magical Hobbyist R3 ★ 4 December 1999

December 7th, 2015, 7:59 pm

It was a difficult thing to read. There was his name, his age, his hometown. Michelle had been trying not to even read his name. All that came to her mind were the good things she would never experience with Simone ever again.

She placed the magazine down.
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