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[Founders Era] Hogwarts Bulletin #1 ★ May 2, 992

August 14th, 2015, 11:04 pm

Hogwarts Bulletin

Bulletin #1 ▲ 2 May 992

The following bulletin is read aloud at the morning and evening meals,
and is also duplicated with a spell and hung around various locations in the school for literate students.

Pirates In The Water?

Off the Coast of the Kingdom of Alba

To whom it may concern:

Rumours of pirate activity have appeared along the coasts of the Kingdom of England, and have begun to appear in the Kingdom of Alba. Be on your guard.

Sightings of the ship Worulde-Etere have also been rumoured, although this cannot be confirmed.

If you encounter a pirate know that these are dishonourable and Godless men who are deaf to reason, and defile charity.
Do not engage them, but inform your local lord or official.

Hag Sighting
Edge of the forest, Hogwarts Castle

BEWARE! A hag has been spotted lingering in the forest near the west side of the Black Lake. The Founders are working to rid us of the ugly, horrid creature. In the meantime, all students and staff at the Rudimentary and Basic levels are asked to stay away from the area. If you must venture into the forest, take extreme caution and remain aware of your surroundings. Hags are dangerous, evil creatures capable of performing magic without speaking. If you encounter the hag, attempt to incapacitate it and return to the school grounds as quickly as possible and alert a professor.

No Room For Hatred
In Our School

Students of Salazar Slytherin should be brought under great scrutiny by their Professor for constantly spreading misery and tyranny amongst the student body! They appear to think that because they are pureblood they are therefore superior to those who are not pure.

Bring this misunderstanding to a halt! We must not have these horrible words and actions making their way around the school!

Hogwarts Is For Natives to
the Kingdom of Alba Only!

No Foreigners!

Hogwarts was supposed to be for students from the Kingdom of Alba, and suddenly we're allowing foreigners in? Foreigners do not speak our language nor do they have an understanding of what Hogwarts means to our land. And besides, there has to be a magical school for these foreigners in their own land. We need to keep Hogwarts spots open for students who come from the Kingdom of Alba. Foreigners will only be a threat to our community.

Send them back to their land!

Hare Hunting Tournament
Hogwarts Grounds

All students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are invited to participate in the first annual Hare Hunting Tournament! The tournament will take place between May 1 and May 14. The rules are as follows: hares maybe caught using magic or snares, all hares must be fresh and usable for cooking, and they must be full grown adult hares to count. The student that brings in the most hares will win a prize of new leather gloves and a fur muff. For further details and to sign up, please contact the cook, Cassiopeia Hawkland. She can be found in the kitchens or the gardens.

Contributions to this bulletin were made by [Izzy], [Tee], and two anonymous members.
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