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[Founders Era] Hogwarts Bulletin #F4 ★ 18 November, 992

November 18th, 2015, 5:23 pm

Hogwarts Bulletin

Bulletin #F4 ▲ 18 November, 992

The following bulletin is read aloud at the morning and evening meals,
and is also duplicated with a spell and hung around various locations in the school for literate students.

Important Advisories

There have been a large number of reports about doxy attacks on the grounds. Students are advised to keep an eye out and to limit their outdoor activities until such time as we can remove the doxy threat.

Attention to all students and travellers:

A beast of unknown nature and terrifying size has been noticed in the Black Lake. Until more is discovered about it, we advise even the foolhardy amongst you to avoid swimming in the Lake. Or going outside at all. Stay inside. Don't leave the castle. Trust no one. Drink your cider.


Greetings, friends of Hogwarts!

Here is my riddle given, that is for high-minded folk
Works it well for women and men, who will find this answer appealing.

My garment is silent when I tread upon the earth
or reside in my dwelling or stir up the waters.
Sometimes my apparel and this high air
lift me over the dwellings of men,
and the strength of the clouds carries me far
over the people. My ornaments
resound loudly and make music
sing clearly, when I am not resting on
water and ground, a travelling spirit.

- Rædwald the Riddler

Contributions to this bulletin were made by Damian, Jesse, and Purple.

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Re: [Founders Era] Hogwarts Bulletin #F4 ★ 18 November, 992

November 28th, 2015, 9:53 pm

Eaga pondered on the riddle as it was read aloud during meal-time. He didn't know this "Rædwald the Riddler," but the riddles did provide some pleasant distraction from the difficult chores of the day. Pulling out a wax tablet, he inscribed lines from the riddle, forming his lips around the phrases as he quietly read it back to himself.

He paused after the third recitation, looking up at nothing in particular. How could he have not seen it before?

"It's a swan," he muttered.
God have mercy on me.

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