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[Legacy Era] Daily Prophet #L1 ★ 17 November, 2019

November 17th, 2015, 5:00 pm


Issue #L1 ★ 17 November, 2019


Tromsø, Norway

It was a scene of carnage and shock today as rumors began swirling via muggle television broadcasts that a strange creature had made its way into the city of Tromsø, where it began what seemed to be a senseless attack on the city and its residents. Hit Wizards and Magical Creature Regulation Officials from the Scandinavian Wizardthing were on the spot as quickly as possible to identify the Norwegian Frost Troll of nearly 15 feet (4.57 meters) in height. As frost trolls are more resistant to charms than their British counterparts, it was nearly thirty minutes before the troll was able to be subdued, long enough for it to cause the deaths of three Norwegians and injure several more as it permanently shattered the stained glass windows at Tromsø's famed Arctic Cathedral with at least a hundred muggles in sight.

Magical security officials are currently holding a global summit to discuss the next steps in addressing this tragedy, but results may not come soon enough. With the advent of muggle technology, this story has spread on a global scale. It is currently believed that the Scandinavian Wizardthing will be explaining the incident as promotion for a muggle film, but more details will be available as they develop.

Ministry Bulletins


Heightened security will now be in effect, including anti-apparation enchantments at all borders. All magical rail routes passing into Norway, Knight Bus extended journeys, and international floo connections have been suspended until such time as Norwegian officials can discover the source or cause of the troll attack. Additionally, all wizards are encouraged to exercise caution while entering muggle areas, especially in northern regions. If you see something strange, please report it to the Ministry of Magic immediately.

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Re: [Legacy Era] Daily Prophet #L1 ★ 17 November, 2019

November 17th, 2015, 10:46 pm

Nathaniel put the paper down with a heavy sigh, all around him the Ministry was in a state of frenzy. As the Senior Diplomat for the United Kingdom and Ireland to the International Confederation of Wizards, it was now going to fall to him to somehow represent and protect his country's interests in the international political and diplomatic fallout that was going to result from this tragedy. He had been saying for years that something like this was an inevitability with muggle technology growing the way it had been, but nobody had listened. Nobody liked to talk about Muggle toys, it was viewed as a waste of time and money. Well, it suddenly seemed very important now.

"We're in big...big trouble." Nathaniel muttered with a sigh, as he peeled off his glasses and wiped them on his sleeve.

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