Nine Signs You Might Be “The Chosen One”

Nine Signs You Might Be “The Chosen One”

No matter how often people proclaim your fancy, seemingly-nonexistent power over the Dark Lord, you still have a great bit of trouble believing their words!  We all know the struggle of trying to decipher prophecies and without Dumbledore around to coach you, it’s understandable that you might feel confused about your role in the ever-coming apocalypse.  We here at the Vault have compiled a handy checklist for you — let the search for the next Chosen One begin!

1. You’ve got an interesting-looking scar, which everybody thinks is just


2. Your parents are dead, or otherwise removed from the picture.


3. Your professors tend to treat you much differently than the rest of your classmates.



4.  Invaluable and important plot points just conveniently fall right into your lap.


5.You look just like your father, but…

DISCLAIMER:  Do not skip this step.  It is very crucial to the plotline.


6. You don’t let the fact that you’re just a kid stop you from having an annual mini-battle with the embodiment of evil.



7.  Somewhere around Book Five you start to look hot.

DISCLAIMER:  If you don’t get hot until Book SEVEN, then you’re not actually the Chosen One.



8.  Everyone thinks you have a glamorous life, but in reality you spend half your time covered in unidentifiable slime.


9.  Whenever something happens, you’re always right in the middle of it.

What else do you think makes you the one true Chosen One?

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