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Looking for a new roleplaying partner or need to spice up your character’s life? Use our Adventure Finder to be matched with 1-4 other players to complete a unique plot point for rewards! All you need to do is fill out some brief information about your character and the things they’re currently looking for, and you’ll be given an adventure to complete with other players.

How It Works

Fill out the form listed at the end of this page! Each player may have up to 3 active adventures at any time. Once you finish your adventure, you will be rewarded with 3 Quills (or 5 Quills for a group adventure) in addition to any other rewards you have earned through the course of completing your threads.

The form to request an adventure asks for a few basic questions, such as how many players you would like to post with and what era your character is in, and we will attempt to match you with players who have characters with similar interests or who might be helpful for your character attempting to achieve their goals.

Once you are matched with a player or group, your adventure assignment will be posted in the Adventurer’s Guild forum. You can use that thread to discuss your adventure if need be, and then when you are finished you can link your completed thread there and report the adventure to receive rewards. Stories from Adventurer’s Guild prompt need only satisfy the usual requirement of 10 posts and a definite ending for the thread to be considered completed for rewards.

Things To Remember

  • Matches depend on submissions, so it may take between 1-4 weeks for your character to be matched. If you feel you’re waiting too long, we suggest encouraging your fellow members to request a match too either by talking with your friends or posting in the Classifieds! You may even get a chance to complete an adventure with someone who is already a friend!
  • If you have not heard from your adventure companion(s) for 1 month or more, you can report your adventure as abandoned. If an adventure is abandoned, you may continue to sign up for new adventures even though this one is still incomplete. You may not sign up for additional adventures or mark an adventure as abandoned if you and your partner(s) are still actively communicating or discussing your adventure but posting is going slow.
  • Players who are reported inactive during an adventure will not be eligible to sign up for additional adventures until either one month has passed since the report or the abandoned adventure is completed.
  • If your adventure is reported for inactivity but you are currently active at Vault 713, you may be barred from using the Adventurer’s Guild for a short period of time.

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