Account Update Request

List of possible account update reasons is included below, along with information on how to help us fill your request depending on the request type. Please know that it can take up to one week for rosters and/or tags to be updated.

Adding an Account Tagline: You can now add or change an existing short quote or tagline to any OOC or IC account for a cost of 10 Quills. Please include which account you wish to deduct Quills from if there are not enough on the account you are changing. Taglines must be appropriate for all ages and may not exceed 3 lines of text. Images are not permitted.

Changing Character Jobs: You may, at any time, switch your character into an entry level position at any employer, such as secretary, intern, trainee, cashier, and so on. These changes can be made at no cost once per season. If you choose to change jobs more than once in a season, it will cost 5 Quills for each subsequent change.

• Your character can apply for a teaching position at any time, but must have at least an Adept Skill Certification in that field.
• You may apply to any non-management or teaching jobs if they have played out an interview with an existing employee.

For information on how to apply for promotions and other job information, please visit the Character Career Options page.

Changing Character Usernames: If your character has gotten married or legally changed their name for any reason, you may have their username changed at any time. Requests for changes due to sudden disinterest in an existing name will not be permitted.

Changing OOC Usernames: Your first username change is free, and after that a 10 Quill fee will be deducted for changing your OOC username. Please include which account you would like to use for Quills if you do not have enough Quills on your OOC account. If you have not changed your username for 1 Year, you may change it again for 0 Quills.

Retire or Drop a Character: If you are no longer interested in playing a character, you can use this form to retire the character to be reactivated later, or to delete the character entirely. If you plan on making changes to the same character to continue playing them in the future, we suggest choosing retirement instead of dropping the character.

Roster Update Request: If your character is missing from one of the Active Characters lists for their employer or school, their information is incorrect, or the link to their profile is not working, you can choose to update the appropriate roster.

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