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Begin Your Wizarding World Adventure!

Grab your books, let's get to Hogwarts!Welcome to Vault 713, a roleplaying game like no other! Whether you’ve wondered what it might be like to go to Hogwarts, wanted to send a letter by Owl Post, or aspired to be the next You-Know-Who, the wizarding world is yours to explore, and the story is yours to tell. Jump in to one of four different eras spanning from Founders, Marauders, the Golden Trio’s time at Hogwarts, and the next generation of students as you explore the whole world, many wizarding cultures, and multiple magical schools. We’ve got something for everyone–both new players and veterans alike.

Are you ready for your adventure to begin? 

We are currently in the middle of our Start of Term Updates.
Return to the Wizarding World on September 1, 2014!


Downtime Has Begun!


The forums will remain offline until September 1, 2014. You’re welcome to use the cbox or browse the rest of the main site in the meantime. We suggest setting your bookmarks to as we will only provide updates on this page, and not on the forum.

★ Some parts of the main site may be brought down throughout downtime for updates. We will attempt to put information up here on this main page if this should occur.

★ Will anything be lost? Absolutely not! Despite the changes that will be occurring, no threads will be deleted and all characters will be retained…provided you fill out the forms below.

LATEST PROGRESS REPORT: Account creation has begun! You can check out our spreadsheet to see where we are currently at. We have over 400 accounts to create, so it may take some time! — Last Updated 7:00 PM CST, 25 August, 2014

Update Your Information

Those of you who have been here a long time are probably more than familiar with this process, so we apologize that you have to go through it again. For the newer folks–hi, get ready for some fun! (We’re sorry. It’s not very fun.) This year you will be given a new account for each character on September 1. This is not typical, but due to the key opportunity to make major changes to things following the ending of the book series, we found this to be a good time to do this. Your new account will be exactly the same as the old one, but you will be given a new password that you will want to reset. Please be sure you keep an eye your email inbox during the downtime.
Step #1: Player Information

  • Fill out our Player Check-In at
  • Make sure you keep an eye on your email &/or pm inbox for further information.
  • You only need to fill this out ONCE.
  • There are some extra questions that are optional. We’d love it if you filled them out to help us!


Step #2: Character Information

  • Fill out our Character Information form at
  • You must fill this out for EACH OF YOUR CHARACTERS that you intend on keeping
  • If you wish to drop a character, you may fill out this form right here.
  • If your character is an adult that is unemployed, you may choose a new job for them at this time.
  • If your character is a student, please list the year they will be in beginning on Sept 1.

Downtime FAQ


What does ‘getting a new character account on September 1′ mean?
We will be using a fresh, clean forum install for September 1. This means that we need to set up everyone’s accounts all over again so that they will be able to post. Instead of you having to re-register your characters, we’re taking care of that for you so it will be like nothing has changed.

But…wait, new forum install?! That sounds scary!

It’s not, we promise! We’ve done this several times in the past, and members who have been here a long time will be glad to tell you how not scary it is. This just helps us make sure that our database is fresh and squeaky clean and at low risk of having corruption or other issues. (As a bonus, we really, really hope we can make the search feature work again. Please cross your fingers.)

Will I lose any of my posts? Threads? Quills? Other arbitrary account information?

No. No information will be lost, but some posts and threads may be available on an archive board instead of on the main forum, similar to our currently existing archive board.

What about my Avatar? Signature? Private messages?
Actually, these you might want to save. Just in case. You never know. (Sorry.)

I can really pick a new job for my character if they are unemployed?

Yes! As long as that job comes from the Job Catalog and is not held by another player. You can find the job catalog here: http//

Will I have access to my stuff during the downtime?

Probably not. Sorry. You will be able to chat in the cbox, though!

Why do I need a valid email address?

We want to make sure you get updates about your account, including activation information, private message notifications, etc. This is very, very important. Please use a real email address.