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Grab your books, let's get to Hogwarts!Welcome to Vault 713, a roleplaying game like no other! Whether you’ve wondered what it might be like to go to Hogwarts, wanted to send a letter by Owl Post, or aspired to be the next You-Know-Who, the wizarding world is yours to explore, and the story is yours to tell. Jump in to one of four different eras spanning from Founders, Marauders, the Golden Trio’s time at Hogwarts, and the next generation of students as you explore the whole world, many wizarding cultures, and multiple magical schools. We’ve got something for everyone–both new players and veterans alike.

Are you ready for your adventure to begin? 

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October RP Bingo has begun! This month we have a lot of spooky squares to give your threads a Halloween theme–if you choose! Complete at least three threads in October to fill out a row on the card and call bingo for rewards! You can view the bingo card for October by clicking here.

Lost Chapters 2 & 3 for Season 3 have begun! We’re keeping up the creepy and autumn-y themes with Spooktacular Spectres, our current AU Potter chapter, and our Halloween Special for 2014: Tricks and Treats. Remember that new Lost Chapters start every month and are open to all players, but they close after only a short time, so you’ll want to get in while you still can! You can view all current Lost Chapters in our Exploratory Roleplaying section.

Character Creation has reopened! As of September 15, new characters may be created once again! Head on over to the Create a Canon Character or Create an Original Character forums to get started!

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  • October 31 — Lost Chapter 3-1 Ends: Vault Noir
  • October 31 — Last day to complete threads for October Bingo
  • November 1 — November Bingo Begins
  • November 5 — Lost Chapter 3-3 Ends: Tricks and Treats
  • November 5 — Last day to submit cards for October Bingo
  • November 30 — Lost Chapter 3-2 Ends: Spooktacular Spectres!
  • December 28 — Fall/Winter 2014 Roleplaying Season Ends