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Grab your books, let's get to Hogwarts!Welcome to Vault 713, a roleplaying game like no other! Whether you’ve wondered what it might be like to go to Hogwarts, wanted to send a letter by Owl Post, or aspired to be the next You-Know-Who, the wizarding world is yours to explore, and the story is yours to tell. We’ve got something for everyone–both new players and veterans alike.

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In Founders Era, a visitor has arrived at Hogwarts! Though largely secluded from the rest of the world, reports have made their way to Hogwarts that a mysterious traveler’s ship has been sighted off the coast…and that they may not be friendly. Meanwhile, some students are already wary of the school’s decision to let in foreigners. You can read all about this news, the upcoming hare hunting tournament, and more in our latest Founders Era Hogwarts Bulletin.

 May RP Bingo has been posted! Earn special rewards by working in May’s bingo card themes into your threads! This month we’re celebrating spring with themes like changes in the weather, herbology, and more. You can complete Bingo with any combination of your characters. Click here to view this month’s card now!

★ A new roleplaying season has begun, with tons of brand new features! Our Spring/Summer Season has begun and we’ve brought back a ton of favorite features to celebrate! Post up news stories in the News Stand, create a Vampire character, get a new job for your character, and more! You can read all about it in our latest announcement.

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  • May 20 — Last day to submit to Reformation Era – Wizarding World Today #1
  • May 27 — Last day to submit to Legacy Era – Teen Witch #1
  • May 27 — Reformation Era: York-Belladei Wedding Begins
  • May 31 — Last day for May RP Bingo
  • June 2 — Last day to submit to Founders Era – Durmstrang Bulletin #1